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Punjab National Bank Credit Card Reward Points

While spending money on your credit card, it would be great if you get more than just money out of using your credit card. That’s where reward points come in and give you an added advantage while using your credit cards. Reward points are added bonuses that you get when you use your credit card. Punjab National Bank is one of the banks that provide their customers with this added advantage where it offers you travel redemption in the form of reward points that can be converted to JP Miles. A tie up between PNB and Jet airways works to provide you with these JP miles. JP miles is a reward management program of Jet Airways which provides you with JP Mile points.

Punjab National Bank provides three credit cards that give such reward points: PNB Global Platinum Card, PNB Global Gold Card, PNB Global Classic Card. All these cards provide you the option of redeeming your reward points for JP Miles.

Reward Points Earned on each PNB Credit Card

Credit CardReward Points
PNB Global Platinum CardGet 2 reward points on every Rs. 150 spent on every retail purchase made.
PNB Global Gold CardGet 1 reward point on every Rs. 100 spent on every retail purchase made.
PNB Global Classic CardGet 1 reward point on every Rs. 100 spent on every retail purchase made.

Get your Reward Points Converted into JP Miles

The reward points that you get while using your credit card can be converted into JP miles that can be used to book Jet Airways Flight Tickets. So, two reward points that you receive can be converted into 1 JP Mile.

For instance, if you have 3000 reward points on your PNB Global Card, you can redeem them for 1500 JP Miles and then you can add it to your JP Miles balance in your JetPrivilege account.

PNB’s Credit Cardholders can redeem points for JP Miles by taking a few simple steps:

  1. You will be eligible for redemption of reward points only on the accumulation of 500 bonus points in your PNB credit card account.
  2. Then you can contact the PNB’s 24X7 Call Centre to get your reward points converted to JP Miles.
  3. Give the customer care executive your registered mobile number and Jet Privilege number.
  4. Then specify the number of reward points you would want to redeem for JP Miles.
  5. The JP Miles that you had requested for will be credited to your Jet Privilege account within 7 business days.

You can also redeem your reward points online from the PNB card website:

  1. Enter the Jet Privilege Membership Number and also enter the reward points that are to be converted into JP Miles.
  2. While wanting to convert your reward points into JP Miles you would have to have at least 500 reward points with you, where 2 reward points is equal to 1 JP Mile.
  3. After that is over, you can fill in the details where the confirmation of the request will be sent immediately.
  4. When the redemption is successful, a receipt will be sent to you and you will be able to view it on the My Account page.

Terms and Conditions for acquiring JP Miles

  1. While opting for redemption, the cardholder would have to have a minimum of 500 reward points.
  2. Credit card defaulters will not be able to utilize this offer.
  3. Only PNB cardholders who reside in India will be able to take up this offer.
  4. This scheme can be discontinued if the cardholder wishes to do so.

Punjab National Bank Reward Point Program

Reward point details:

  1. Opening Balance Points: This reflects points that are carried forward from your last statement.
  2. Your reward points can be earned by spending on your credit card.
  3. The reward points that are redeemed or reversed it will be reflected in the points redeemed section.
  4. Closing balance points: This will reflect the total points accumulated.
  5. With the 24X7 Customer Support you can check redeem your reward points.
  6. Cash advances and any other fees or charges and other transactions will not accrue reward points.
  7. It takes 15 business days to convert reward points into JP Miles.

About the Reward Point Redemption Form

There is a PNB Credit Card – Bonus Points Redemption Form where you can download it from the PNB Bank’s official website. This form can be mailed to the address that is given on the form and you can redeem your reward points.

Certain information is asked to be filled out:

  1. Cardholder’s Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. PNB Credit Card Number
  4. Card Expiry Date
  5. Points
  6. Cardholder’s Mailing Address
  7. A table that needs information like points required for redemption, number of points held, number of points to b redeemed, and then the balance.

FAQs: Punjab National Bank Credit Card Reward Points

1. How many days does it take for my reward points to get converted into JP Miles?

It takes up to 15 business days to convert reward points into JP Miles. So, if you’re planning to use your JP Miles anytime soon, better plan when to get them converted.

2. Can all the PNB Credit cardholders’ avail to the reward redemption scheme?

Credit card defaulters and people who don’t reside in India will not be able to use the reward redemption scheme.

3. Is there a minimum number of reward points that is to be acquired before redemption?

Minimum of 500 points should be acquired by the cardholder to be eligible for redemption and for the conversion to JP Miles to take place.

4. How many reward points do we need to get a JP Mile?

2 reward points will be needed to get 1 JP Mile. So, if you have 3000 reward points, you will get 1500 JP Miles if you make the conversion.

5. How much should I spend on my PNB Global Gold Card to get 1 reward point?

You would have to spend up to Rs. 100 to get 1 reward point.

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