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Standard Chartered Credit Card Reward Points

Credit cards have made life easier in many ways. There is no longer a need to stash cash in the purse when there is a need to go shopping or dining. Infact, flight bookings, buying consumer durables, electronic items can be done through cashless transactions. Debit card and credit card have enabled the customer to conduct digital or cashless transactions. Credit cards have helped increase the spending pattern in India. This brought in the concept of ‘buy today, pay later’ which has enabled customers to buy items of their choice even before they have earned as much money to pay for the purchase.

Most banks want to promote a hassle-free mode of transactions and credit cards have been a key enabler. All banks offer credit card facility to their account holders and also to individuals who have maintained a decent credit score. To encourage the use of credit cards and to enable cashless transactions, most of the banks which issue credit cards have a reward points scheme associated with the credit cards. There are various credit card features associated with different cards offered by the bank. Inline with the credit limit and features, the reward points scheme may differ.

The points collected over a period of time by the customer can be redeemed against various purchases or categories under which the points have been credited. Standard Chartered credit cards have unique reward points scheme for their card holders. There are various categories under which the customers or card holders can get reward points credited. Some of the categories are – shopping, mobile recharge, DTH recharge, clothing and accessories, consumer durables, travel – flight tickets, fine dining, hotel stay etc., The points so accumulated can be redeemed in full or partially based on card holders’ requirement.

Standard Chartered Credit Cards

Here is a list of credit cards offered by Standard Chartered Bank and the key features of those credit cards –

Type of credit cardKey features
Standard Chartered Platinum Card

5x reward points on hotel stays, fine dining, fuel

2x reward points on other categories like travel, recharge, shopping etc.,

Exclusive offers for card holders from specific merchants

No annual charges for life time if applied online

Standard Chartered Super value titanium Card

5% cashback on fuel spends, mobile recharge or bill payments, utility bill payments

No joining fees

Annual fee applicable at Rs. 750 per year

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card

5% cashback on purchases as supermarkets, departmental store chains

5 reward points for every Rs. 150 spent

Exclusive Visa Platinum offers on this specific card

No joining fee, annual charge of Rs. 999 per year

Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum Card

Travel vouchers worth Rs. 8500 from

10% cashback on bookings made through

Zero cancellation fee on all tickets booked through

4x rewards on Yatra spends; 2x rewards on other spends

Standard Chartered Emirates World Card

4000 additional skywards miles on enrollment

6 Skywards Miles on every INR 150 spent on Emirates transactions

3 Skywards Miles on every INR 150 spent on all other transactions

5% cashback on duty free outlets spend

Complimentary access to 25+ domestic airport lounges

2 complimentary accesses per month using the Priority pass (if the previous months spend was Rs. 10k)

Standard Chartered Ultimate Card

5 points for every Rs. 150 spent

Maximum benefit upto Rs. 1 for every Rs. 1 spent

5% cashback on duty free outlets

2% foreign currency markup fee on all currency dealings

Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards Platinum Card

Upto 9x reward points on landmark affiliated stores

2x reward points on all other spend

5% cashback on all spends related to lifestyle

Home center gift vouchers

Standard Chartered Priority banking visa infinite Card

Free priority pass membership

4 complementary airport lounge access every quarter

Travel insurance (complimentary) upto Rs. 200,000

Standard Chartered credit card reward points – features and advantages

Standard Chartered Bank offers a Credit Card based on eligibility criteria, one of which being a good credit score. Standard Chartered Bank credit card has Standard Chartered Credit Card Reward Points under the 3600 degree reward scheme. Some of the key features of this unique 3600 degree reward scheme are –

  • Earn while you swipe – For every usage of credit cards, there are points rewarded depending on Standard Chartered bank reward points mentioned in Standard Chartered rewards catalogue.
  • Wide range of choices – Within each category such as travel, fine dining, hotel stay, shopping etc., Standard Chartered bank has exclusive and wide range of partners who offer exclusive deals
  • E-tailing – Standard Chartered bank credit cards enable e-tailing, this inturn enables digitizing transactions. They are hassle free, simple, easy and fast.
  • Easy redemption – The Standard Chartered reward points redemption process is quite simple and easy. There is also the option of partial redemption of points. The bank offers redemption by filling up the Standard Chartered Bank reward points redemption forms, alternatively one can use the online method for redemption.
  • Flexi-redemption - The flexi-redemption enables partial reward points redemption, while the balance is paid by other means.

What You Can Redeem From Standard Chartered bank credit card Rewards Points?

There are various categories under which the Standard Chartered bank credit card reward points can be redeemed. Some of the key categories are as mentioned below –

  • Travel – Flight tickets can be booked using Standard Chartered bank credit cards, there is a specific credit card which caters to frequent travelers. There are many benefits that can be availed including zero cancellation charges on flight tickets booked through This is available for travel – specific credit card issued by Standard Chartered bank.
  • Shopping – clothing / Accessories – This is where most of the cardholders typically end up using their credit cards. There are many exclusive offers which are extended to various types of cards.
  • Others – In the others category, a cardholder can use the credit card for mobile recharge, DTH recharge, fuel spends. There may be cashback offers extended from time to time based on the usage limit and type of credit card held.
  • Household items – Buying from departmental chains, household outlets or online portals selling groceries could also help collect reward points. The same reward points may be used for subsequent purchases from the same portal.
  • Lifestyle – Purchase of branded cosmetics, jewelry, body care products, usage of card for gym membership, salon membership could help accumulate reward points which can be used in the same category in future purchases.
  • Fine dining and hotel stay – The reward points can be used to settle bills of fine dining and hotel stay. Most banks will have specific partners in each category where the reward points can be redeemed.
  • Electronics – Electronic items bought including mobile phones, TV, fridge, camera, vacuum cleaners etc., will qualify for reward points, the same can be redeemed for subsequent electronic purchases in partner outlets.
  • Home products – Points can be redeemed during the purchase of décor items, furnishings, furniture, kitchen ware etc.,

Standard Chartered bank credit card reward catalogue

A Standard Chartered bank credit card rewards catalogue is published every year which states the Standard Chartered bank reward points against each category of spend. This reward points catalogue is updated every year to ensure that new merchant additions are made as per affiliations and any deletions are duly taken care of. The catalogue will state the Standard Chartered bank credit card reward points alone, it will not elaborate on Standard Chartered bank debit card reward points. Both these cards could have a slightly variant reward scheme to encourage customers to use both these cards effectively. The catalogue will have Standard Chartered bank reward points gift list, the redemption of points can be done against the lit of gifts, coupons or vouchers mentioned in the Standard Chartered bank credit card reward points gift list.

Standard Chartered bank credit card reward points redemption

There are multiple ways in which the redemption can be done in the case of Standard Chartered credit card reward points –

Standard Chartered bank credit card reward points redemption online enables easy, hassle-free and quick redemption. One must log into the official website with the user id and password which would have been generated on activation of the account when the Standard Chartered bank credit card was issued. There are 2 types of rewards – Points and Cashback. Depending on the type of redemption that the cardholder wants to do, the relevant tab has to be clicked.

Under ‘Points’ tab, there are many categories including electronics, Home & family, lifestyle, travel, charity, instant rewards, specials, eshops.

Clicking on the category, one can purchase the relevant gift voucher based on the points available. One can also partially redeem the points and bring in partial cash or make partial payment through credit card.

The cash back offer helps in Reward Points Redemption Conversion, wherein Standard Chartered bank credit card reward points are converted to cash. This Standard Chartered reward points to cash feature is not available with many credit cards offered by many banks. The cash so converted will be added to the credit limit of the credit card, thereby enhancing the limit to which the cardholder can utilize the credit card.

Another option under this category is to avail extra value offers, these are customized gifts offered by the Standard Chartered bank under various categories – lifestyle, accessories etc., the prices are marked down and most products are branded.

Bonus points are awarded to customers who make prompt payment of their bills, also exclusive partners of Standard Chartered bank extend bonus points if the cardholder uses the card for making bill payments.

Standard Chartered bank Credit Card Reward Points Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a need to activate the account after Standard Chartered bank credit card has been issued?

Yes, the cardholder can login to the website, provide details such as account number, card number and submit the form for activation of account. If the cardholder already has net banking facility activated, then there is no need to register online again on the reward points website. The user id and password applicable for net banking can be used.

2. Can the reward points tally be viewed online?

Yes, one can view the reward points tally online by using the net banking account and clicking on ‘My account’. If there are multiple cards, the reward points against each of the cards will be displayed here.

3. Is there any expiry date applicable on reward points accumulated?

There is no expiry date applicable on reward points accumulated against the credit card.

4. Is there home delivery offer available if one avails the extra value offers under cashback redemption?

Yes, home delivery is available if the customer chooses to shop for extra value offers under the cashback redemption option.

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