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HSBC Credit Card Statement:

HSBC Credit Card Statement is the monthly consolidated report created to provide you with a complete overview of the expenses made in a specific billing cycle. It acts as a periodic reminder to track and control your spending habits and ensure timely payment of the dues to evade late penalties. The credit card statement of HSBC is divided into eight different parts to give you a detailed picture of all your transactions.

Read more to know different sections and subsections of an HSBC credit card statement:

1. Firstly, on the top of the left-hand side of the statement, you will find basic details like your name, email ID, and address.

2. Next, on the top of the right-hand corner, you will find the name of your HSBC credit card with the following details: Payment Due Date, Total Dues, Minimum Amount Due, Your Credit Limit, and Available Credit & cash limit.

3. Next, under the account summary section, you will find the following details:

  • Opening Balance
  • Payment/Credits
  • Purchase/Debits
  • Finance Charges
  • Total Dues

4. Also, if you have any Past Dues, they will be mentioned in the statement

  • Overlimit
  • 3 Months+
  • 2 Months+
  • 1 Month
  • Current Dues
  • Minimum Amount Due

5. Your Domestic Transactions are recorded with the date, amount, and short description of your transaction.

6. Next, is your Rewards Points Summary.

  • Opening Balance
  • Earned rewards
  • Disbursed
  • Adjusted
  • Closing Balance

7. The bank will hint to you regarding the different offers on your Credit Card.

8. At the end of the statement, you will get an update on Important Information

What are the steps to check your HSBC Credit Card Statement Online?

You can get your HSBC credit card statement online by Net Banking or Mobile Banking. The following are the steps to check HSBC credit card online:

How to Check HSBC Credit Card Statement Using Net Banking?

  • You can log in to the HSBC Netbanking portal with your username and password.
  • You need to choose the ‘Account Services’ option from the homepage.
  • You should choose the ‘Manage your accounts’ option from the drop-down menu box.
  • Then you need to select the ‘Statements and Advice’ option
  • Nextly, you need to select the credit card account for which you want to view the transaction history.
  • Now you can see the transaction history shown under the following heads:
  • Next Statement: Consist of all the details of the unbilled transactions.
  • Previous Statement: It includes all the billed transactions.

How to Check your HSBC Credit Card Statement Using its Mobile App?

  • To check the statement through the HSBC app, you need to download the HSBC India app from Play Store or App Store.
  • Next, log in with your six-digit passcode/ face ID or Touch ID.
  • On the homepage, you will find the 'Accounts' option, from which you need to choose the statement as per your preference.
  • Hit the ‘View Statements’ optic from the account page. you will be redirected to the credit card statement page where you can check the last 12 months' HSBC credit card statement.
  • You can tap the month or date you wish to check the statement.
  • Now, you will see the PDF format of the statement on the device.

What are the steps to Switch to HSBC Credit Card e-Statement?

You need to follow the Below listed steps to access the credit card statement of HSBC bank.

1. First, you need to Log in to the HSBC Netbanking portal with your Username and Password.

2. Next, press the ‘Request e-statement / e-Advice’ option.

3. You need to Set up a one-time request and continue further

4. You will receive a secure email and SMS from the bank informing you that your e-statement is ready.

What are the steps to check HSBC Credit Card Statement Offline?

Check the instructions below to get your HSBC credit card statement in offline modes:

  • You can request the credit card statement by visiting the nearest HSBC bank branch.
  • Also, you can call HSBC credit card customer service & request a credit card statement.
  • You can write an email stating a request for a credit card statement to HSBC bank. You will receive your statement through mail or post sent by HSBC bank.

What are the highlights of the HSBC credit card statement?

1. Your HSBC Credit Card Statement is free.

2. You can access the e-statements through net banking anytime at your convenience

3. Also, you can download and store them for future reference.

4. You can easily check your statement online as the process is hassle-free and time-consuming.

5. In your HSBC credit card statement, cashback and rewards on your credit cards can be monitored and tracked anytime.

6. The bank will update you about new products and services through your credit card statement.

7. With a credit card statement, you can track your spending pattern and plan and budget your spending at your convenience.

8. You will get the statement on time without any delay. It helps you to be updated on your payment dates and deadlines.

What are the steps to manage Mistakes in your HSBC Credit Card Statement?

If you find any errors like unauthorized payment or wrong entries in your credit card statement, you should report it to the bank immediately. The following are steps to rectify statement errors:

1. Contact HSBC customer service and inform them about the error in the statement.

2. You can also visit the closest bank branch with relevant proof requesting them to rectify it. There are chances that the bank will fix the mistake.

3. You can also write a letter to the bank briefing your issue within 60 days of receiving the bill. Before reporting the error to the bank, kindly ensure to carry receipts or screenshots as proof of the error in the payment.

General Terms Related to Credit Card Statement:

Transaction Summary - It is the Summary of the transactions prepared by you during the billing cycle.

Payment Due Date - the payment due date is the deadline date. You should pay the total amount due before this date to the bank.

Account Summary - An account summary is a complete overview briefing on how much you paid to the bank, spent, and past dues.

Minimum Amount Due - the cardholder should have to pay the minimum amount due every month. This amount is a small portion of the total amount due. Mostly it is taken 2-3% of the total dues.

Credit and Cash Limit - In the HSBC statement, Your credit limit and cash limit i.e, how much credit limit you spent in a month & how much cash is withdrawn from the ATMs.


1. Who is eligible for the HSBC credit card email statement?

All current and savings account holders of HSBC bank can register for email credit card statements.

2. How often will a cardholder get email credit card statements?

The Savings account customers who have registered for email statements will get a monthly update. Whereas the Customers holding current accounts with HSBC can select daily or weekly or monthly options to get statements through email.

3. What are the documents required to avail of HSBC credit cards?

You should submit documents like your present passport size photograph, valid residence proofs, latest salary slip, income tax returns, or Form 16 in self-attested format.

4. How much do I have to pay for getting a credit card statement through email?

This facility is free of cost. You don't need to pay to get your credit card statement via email.

5. Is it possible to get previous months’ statements?

Yes, you should request the previous month's statements. Also, it is possible to get the statement for 12 months without charge.

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