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Citibank credit card statement

A Citibank credit card statement is a summary of all types of credit card bill payments. The statement documents all the purchases, payments, and credit and debit transactions made to your account within a billing cycle. Read your Citibank credit card statement regularly to spot unauthorized payments or billing errors. Read on to know the features and process to get your Citibank credit card statement online, offline, and e-statement.

What does a Citibank credit card statement contain?

Citibank's credit card statement is split into eight different sections. The credit card statements record all the transactions and payments made using your Citibank credit card.

Here are the sections and subsections of the Citibank credit card statement:

1. First, you will find personal details like your name, email address, and address in the top left-hand corner of the statement.

2. On the right-hand side of the top, you can see details like total dues pending, payment due date, minimum amount due, available credit limit, and cash limit. Check the below table to know the meaning of the various terms found in the Citibank credit card statement:

Payment Due DateWithin the payment due date, you need to pay all your outstanding amounts.
Minimum Amount DueIt is the minimum amount you need to pay within the payment due date to keep your credit card active. Usually, the minimum amount due is figured as 5 percent of the total outstanding bill of a month.
Credit LimitCredit limit is the maximum amount borrowed from a Citibank credit card.
Cash LimitCash limit is the maximum amount of money withdrawn as cash using a Citibank credit card.
Total Outstanding BillSum of all the outstanding charges on your credit card. This is the amount to be paid before the payment due date.

3. Under the account summary tag, you can see the details like opening balance, finance charges, payments/credits, purchase/debits, and total dues.

4. Citibank's credit card statement also depicts your past dues. Under the ‘Past due’ tag, you will see the following information:

  • Over limit
  • 3 months+
  • 2 months+
  • 1 month
  • Current dues
  • Minimum amount due

5. The statement will detail all transactions made via credit card. The transaction history contains the details of debit and credit transactions made during a billing cycle. You can see the transaction description and amount.

6. Under the rewards section, the opening balance earned points, disbursed points, adjusted points, and closing balance are mentioned to make you understand how and where you have spent the reward points.

What Is The Procedure To Get Citibank Credit Card Statement Online?

You can avail of the Citibank credit card statement both online & offline. The following are the process you need to get your credit card statement online:

Avail Using CitiBank Netbanking:

1. You need to log in to the Citibank Net banking portal with your User ID and IPIN

2. Next, go to the ‘Credit Card’ section and press the ‘e-statement’ option placed on the left-hand side.

3. Then, press the ‘View your statement online’ option and choose the preferred month from the list of archived statements.

4. If you are a registered user of e-statements, you can download your credit card e-statements for the past 18 months or from the date of registration.

Avail Using Citi Mobile App:

1. First, you must download the Citi Mobile App available in the play store or app store.

2. Next, log in to the app using your User ID and IPIN.

3. Choose the ‘Home Page’ option and head to the main menu.

4. For the menu, pick the ‘Service Requests’ option. Then choose the ‘Duplicate statement request’ option.

5. Next, choose the account and period for which you like to see the statement.

Avail Through Citibank’s website:

1. Visit the Citibank credit card e-statement portal.

2. Type the credit card details like your card number, date of birth, and card expiry date, and give the ‘Submit‘ button.

3. Choose the preferred month to get your statement in your email ID.

What is the process to register for an E-Statement?

Follow the below instruction to get your credit card statement via email:

1. First, you need to log in to Citibank Online with your User ID and IPIN.

2. Next, choose the ‘Credit Card’ option from the homepage.

3. Next, you need to press the ‘e-statements’ option on the left-hand side.

4. Choose the ‘Card Number’ from the drop-down menu under the ‘Register now for e-Statements & Go Green !’ option to get your credit card statements.

Another way to register for e-statements is through the Citibank mobile app. The steps are enumerated below:

1. First, you need to log in to your Citi Mobile App with your User ID and IPIN.

2. Choose the homepage and go to the main menu. Then press the ‘Service Requests’ option.

3. Next, select the ‘Register for e-statement’ option and proceed further.

What are the steps to avail of Citibank Credit Card Statement Offline?

1. Visit Citibank Branch:

You can walk to the nearest Citibank branch and request the bank’s representative for a hard copy of your credit card statement. Select your preferred duration to get a credit card statement.

2. Citibank Credit Card Customer Care:

You can call Citibank credit card customer care and ask for your credit card statement. You are required to provide basic card-related details to the bank representative. After verification, the bank will give your credit card statement for your preferred duration. The Citibank customer care is available 24X7. Also, ensure to call from the mobile number registered with the bank.

3. SMS:

Get the latest Mini Statement alert on your phone number within 30 seconds by sending an SMS using the following format: Send- STMT YYYY to 52484. Here, the YYYY stands for the last four digits of your credit card number.

Managing Errors in Citibank Credit Card Statement:

Using a CitiBank credit card statement, you can find the unauthorized transactions made on your credit card. It is advisable to fix the error before it causes any harm to your credit score. The first thing you should do is to report it to the bank when you find any error in your credit card statement. You can contact Citibank’s customer care and report errors in your credit card statement. Ensure to attach the evidence to all the errors to support the issue. Post verification, the bank will rectify the error from their end. Another way to resolve the error is to write a letter to the bank within 2 months after receiving the bill.

FAQs of Citibank Credit Card Statement:

1. What Is The Password For The Citibank Credit Card Statement?

Every bank follows different format passwords to allow the customers to view their credit card statements. Generally, the password has 8 characters. Here, the first four characters will be the first four letters of the cardholder’s name, whereas the next four characters are the last four digits of the cardholder’s credit card number.

2. How can I Reach The Citibank Credit Card Customer Care?

You can reach out to Citibank credit card customer care by calling 1860 210 2484

3. Who is Eligible To Get A Citibank Credit Card Statement?

All the current and savings account-holders of Citibank can register for its email credit card statements.

4. Do I Still Get Hard Copies of My Credit Card Statements In The Post Even After Registering For The Online Version?

Once you register for an email credit card statement, the bank will not send you the hard copies of credit card statements.

5. How Frequently Does The Bank Send Credit Card Statements?

All savings account holders registered for Citibank email statements will get a monthly report. The current accounts have an option to get the credit card statement daily or weekly or monthly.

6. How Safe Is Citibank's E-statement?

Your e-statement is protected with a password and it is sent to your email. Also, the bank ensures to mask personal information for privacy purposes.

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