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Rbl Credit Card Statement

Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL) is one of the leading Indian commercial banks. The RBL offers an extensive range of credit cards with exclusive and advanced features to cater to the various financial needs of its customers. RBL has designed a few credit cards solely for frequent shoppers and other variants for business travelers and people who regularly dine outside. The bank designs these cards to satisfy the needs of various segments of society. If you are a credit card user, you will receive a monthly card statement detailing your previous month's transactions. Likewise, RBL banks send credit card statements to their customers at the end of each billing cycle. RBL credit card statement is similar to a summary detailing your previous month's transaction using your credit cards. RBL credit card statements include important transactions such as the minimum due amount, the total card due amount, transaction information, and due date.

What are the steps to check RBL Credit Card Statement Online?

You can view RBL credit card statements online using different ways. Read on to know the different ways.

Steps to view your RBL Credit Card Bill Statement through Netbanking

1. First, you Log in to the RBL net banking using your credentials.

2. Next, press the ‘Credit Card’ section.

3. Now you need to choose the ‘Get Statement’ to see the latest credit card statement online.

4. You can download your RBL credit card statement in PDF format.

5. Mention your password to check your RBL credit card statement.

Steps to check your RBL Credit Card Statement through Mobile Banking

1. First, you should download the RBL MyCard mobile app on your smartphone.

2. Next, Log in to the app using your card number and other details or your 4-digit mPIN.

3. Post login, you need to press the ‘View Transactions’ option.

4. Next, choose the statement period you want to view.

5. Press the ‘Ok’ button to check your RBL statement.

Check your RBL Credit Card Online Statement on Email

If you apply for the e-statement facility, Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL) will send your credit card statement through email every month. To get this, you need to link your email ID with Ratnakar Bank Limited. You need to download the password-protected statement and mention the password and view it.

What are the steps to check the RBL Credit Card Statement Offline?

Check your RBL Credit Card Online Statement on Email

To check the RBL credit card statement offline, you can use any of the following three methods.

Obtain your RBL Bank Credit Card Statement through Post

Write and post a letter to the RBL Bank branch requesting to send you a copy of your credit card statement either in hard copy or email.

View your RBL Credit Card Statement at your RBL Bank Branch

1. You need to visit the closest RBL Bank branch and Request the bank representative for your card statement. You should provide a few essential details for verification.

2. Also, mention the duration for which you need the credit card statement. Please note that the bank may charge a nominal fee for providing you with a credit card statement.

Check your RBL Credit Card Statement via RBL Customer Care

1. First, you need to contact the RBL Bank credit card customer care from your registered mobile number.

2. You should Request the bank representative regarding the RBL credit card statement.

3. Next, you need to offer the necessary details required for verification.

4. After authentication, the bank will share the credit card statement with you.

What are the Features of the RBL Bank Credit Card Statement?

The following are the features of the RBL Credit Card Statement:

1. The RBL credit card statement helps you to understand your spending pattern.

2. If you fail to pay the total outstanding balance before the due date, the RBL will levy finance charges.

3. You need to know the total interest you paid on your credit card bills because it can push you into a debt trap. If you feel that you are spending a lot of money on interest, then you need to concentrate on clearing your total outstanding balance as soon as possible.

4. RBL offers you different portals like the post and e-mail ID to view your credit card statement. Also, you can download your credit card statements with your RBL net banking account to save them for future reference.

5. The RBL credit card statement enables you to track your expenses and make you stay financially healthy. Understanding your credit card statements will help you to budget better.

6. The RBL credit card statement will aid you to be aware of your due date and pay your credit card bills on time.

7. You can access the RBL credit card statements online for free.

8. You can select the online/offline mode to view your RBL credit card statements.

What are the general credit card statement terms?

1. Payment Due Date:

The payment due date is a deadline date. You have to pay the total amount due before the payment due date to the bank.

2. Statement Period:

The statement period is the span for which the credit card payment has been done.

3. Minimum payment due:

Here, you need to pay a minimum amount due in the portion of the total amount due each month. You need to pay 2-3% of the total amount.

4. Closing Balance:

It means the total amount due on the card. The closing balance should be minimum at the end of a billing cycle.

5. Transaction Summary:

It means the smart of the transaction provided by you during the billing cycle.

FAQs of RBL Credit Card Statement

1. How to pay the RBL Bank credit card bill?

If you hold an account with RBL bank, you can access the net banking account to complete your credit card payment.

2. Can I do a fund transfer to a beneficiary’s credit card?

No, RBL does not allow you to transfer funds to another credit card.

3. What are the steps to register for an RBL Bank credit card using my net banking account?

You need to visit the net banking portal and log in with your credentials. Choose the ‘Register Using Credit Card’ option and mention your credit card number, expiry date, and your date of birth. After accepting the terms and conditions, select the ‘Register Online' option. Type the OTP you received on your registered mobile in the given space to complete the registration process successfully.

4. How can I reach out to the RBL Bank credit card department?

The bank has a “Chat” feature on its official website. You can speak with the RBL customer care executive to resolve your queries instantly. You can also reach out to their team using your RBL net banking account. Log into the net banking portal, and select the “Click to Call” option to stay in touch with the RBL customer care helpdesk. Also, call 1800 123 8040 to converse via phone or write an email to to solve your problems.

5. Is it possible to use an RBL Bank credit card outside India?

While applying for a credit card, you need to request international validity to your credit card. Only then can you use the RBL card abroad. If not, you can send an SMS to “INTL to 5607011” to modify your preference.

6. What is RBL User ID?

You need to log in to the RBL official website and press the login option and choose Personal Banking. Next, type your 16-digit Credit Card number as a User ID.

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