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HDFC Mini Statement

HDFC Bank customers want to monitor their transactions to make predictions about their upcoming costs. They can use a bank statement for this purpose. But, if they want to check the most recent 5 to 10 transactions, they should look into the HDFC Mini Statement. HDFC Bank provides you with several methods to assist you with the Mini Statement. Let us explore those. Before you access your HDFC Mini statement, make sure to register your mobile number with HDFC Bank.

How To Register Your Mobile Number For The HDFC Bank Mini Statement?

You can register your mobile number with HDFC Bank in different ways

  • Registration by SMS: The account holders can send an SMS for registering the mobile number in the following format:

Register < Customer ID > Last 5 digits of A/c no: to 5676712

  • Registration Through Netbanking: Login to HDFC netbanking using the customer ID and PIN. Choose the ‘SMS Banking’ option and fill in the required details.
  • Registration Through ATM: The customers can also register the mobile number by going to the ATM of the nearest bank branch and filling out the SMS banking application form available.

Get HDFC Mini Statement Using Missed Call Banking

To get the HDFC mini statement using this option is very easy and convenient since you neither require an internet connection nor a smartphone. Here are the steps to get the HDFC mini statement

  • Dial the HDFC missed call mini statement no: 1800-270-3355 from the registered mobile number.
  • The phone will get disconnected by itself after two or three rings.
  • Post this, the user will receive the mini statement on their registered mobile number by SMS.
  • The mini statement will contain the last three debit or credit transactions made in the account.

Different numbers for various functions are:

  • Account Statement - 1800-270-3377
  • Cheque Book Request – 1800-270-3366
  • Account Balance – 1800-270-3333
  • Mini statement – 1800-270-3355

Get HDFC Mini Statement Using Net Banking

You must login to the official website of HDFC Bank using the customer ID and password. After logging in, go to “Account Details”, and you can get to know about all the transactions made in the savings account. You can also get to know the account balance, transaction history, get mini statements, and transfer funds.

Get HDFC Mini Statement With The Help of SMS Banking

To get an HDFC Mini statement through SMS, you have to message “TXN < Last 5 digits of A/C no.> to 5676712. This displays the last 3 credits or debits, and you will receive the mini statement in your SMS only. You can use this facility without an internet connection or a smartphone. Also, this option is free of cost. Before you use this option, you have to register for this service.

For registration using the SMS option, you have to send an SMS to 5676712 in the following format:

“ REGISTER < Custid > < Last five digits of the account number > ”

If a user wants to get registered for SMS Banking via netbanking, follow the steps below:

  • Login to the official website of HDFC Bank using the netbanking services.
  • Enter the customer ID and IPIN
  • Click on SMS banking registration and then fill up the details asked for.

For activating SMS banking services using ATM, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the ATM and insert the debit card
  • Then, enter the ATM PIN.
  • Click on ‘More Options” on the homepage
  • Select “Register for mobile banking”

Get HDFC Mini Statement Using Mobile Banking

Here are the steps to get the HDFC Mini Statement using Mobile Banking

Step 1: Use the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to download the “HDFC Bank” app.

Step 2: Use the customer ID and PIN to log into the HDFC Mobile Banking app

Step 3: Click on the ‘Statement’ option and it will display the recent debit and credit transactions

Get HDFC Mini Statement Using Customer Service Toll-Free Number

The HDFC Bank account holder can call the bank through the HDFC Bank toll-free number - 1800-270-3377 to get the HDFC Bank Mini Statement. After calling, speak with the customer care executive and enquire about the recently made three transactions in your account.

Get HDFC Mini Statement Using ATM

You can also get a hard copy of the Mini statement from the nearest HDFC ATM. Use your HDFC debit card at the ATM and then select the mini statement option from the banking menu. You will get a receipt including the most recent ten transactions from your HDFC savings account.

Benefits of The HDFC Bank Mini Statement

  • HDFC Mini Statement service gives quick and convenient access to all the bank details of the account holder.
  • Users do not have to visit the bank physically to get access to the mini statement and can thus save time and effort.
  • Users do not require an internet connection or a smartphone in the case of the missed call service option to get a mini statement.
  • In case users use SMS banking to get mini statements, they don't require smartphones or the internet.
  • This service is available 24/7 anywhere at any time.
  • HDFC mobile banking and internet banking helps users to access the details of the recent bank transactions
  • The service is not chargeable if users get the statement through the HDFC mobile app.


HDFC Bank provides various options to obtain the mini statement, and the individual can get access to the e-statement quickly and conveniently by using one of these methods.

FAQs Of HDFC Mini Statement

1. Can we access HDFC SMS banking outside the registered city?

Yes, this feature can be availed from anywhere inside and outside the country. But you should activate roaming on the registered mobile number.

2. How to get the HDFC Bank mini statement offline?

You can get the HDFC Bank mini statement offline by going to the ATM of the nearest bank branch. Insert your card into the machine and enter your 4 digit PIN. Choose the 'Get mini statement' option and get a printout of your bank statement.

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