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Dhanlaxmi Bank has been in the service of the Indian consumers for nearly a century. They have a number of banking solutions to their customers. They have embraced the digital banking arena too. They have equipped their customers with Internet Banking, Mobile banking, UPI, Phone Banking, SMS Banking and more digital solutions.

Mobile Banking is the most favoured of all digital banking solutions. It allows customers to access their bank account in a single click. It is available on your smartphone all the time. You can carry it with you anywhere. It comes with almost all features available on Netbanking.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Mobile Banking is available through the following channels – 

  • DhanSmart App
  • UPI
  • Phone Banking
  • SMS Banking

DhanSmart App

Dhanlaxmi Bank Mobile Banking

The DhanSmart App is available on Google Play, Apple App Store and Windows Store.

The DhanSmart App enables you to access your Dhanlaxmi Bank accounts on your mobile phone and carry out various transactions like fund transfers, account balance checking, bill payments, recharges, credit card payments and many more. The app is simple to download and install. It is also very easy to register on the app and start using it.

How to download and register the app on your smartphone?

  • As stated earlier, the DhanSmart App is available on Google Play, Apple App Store and Windows Store. Download the app from the relevant platform and install it on your phone.
  • ‘Account View’ access can be availed by everyone without separate registration. 
  • For transactions on the app, you need to ‘Activate’ the app. 
  • Click on ‘Create MPIN’. 
  • Enter your debit card details to authenticate your account. 
  • You can set your MPIN for logging in and TPIN for transactions. 

Who are eligible to use Dhanlaxmi Bank Mobile Banking through the DhanSmart app?

The Mobile Banking facility is currently available only to Retail Banking customers having Savings Account (Individual) or/and Current Account (Individual) with ATM/Debit Card.

The following retail customers (Individual) with below mode of operations can use the Mobile Banking facility.

  • Single (Sole owner)
  • Joint (Either or Survivor)
  • Joint (Anyone or Survivor)

This facility is not available for the following customers:

  • Non-ATM/Debit Card holders (Individual Customers)
  • Non-Individual Customers
  • Minor Account Holders
  • JAO (Joint And Others) and JAF (Joint And First) joint account type holders

Services available through the DhanSmart App

  • View account balance (Savings, Current, Deposits and Loans)
  • Mini statement - Last ten transactions
  • DLB Credit Card – View Details

Funds transfer:

  • Own account fund transfer
  • Third party funds transfer within Dhanlaxmi Bank
  • Third party funds transfer to other bank account (NEFT)
  • IMPS – Immediate Payment Service (P2P – Person To Person & P2A – Person to Account)
  • DLB Credit Card – Payment
  • Loan Repayments
  • Funds transfer with Standing Instruction
  • Pay Later – Facility to schedule one-time payment for a specific date.
  • Transfer History & Review


  • Mobile Prepaid Recharge
  • DTH Prepaid Recharge
  • Datacard Recharge


  • Cheque book requests
  • Stop cheque requests
  • Cheque status inquiry
  • ATM Card – Hotlist / Blocking
  • ATM Card – Reissuance Card
  • ATM Card – Reissuance ATM Card Pin

Limits (Including all financial transaction via mobile)

  • Transaction Limit: INR 2 Lakhs (for each transaction type)
  • Daily Limit: INR 2 Lakhs (for each transaction type)


  • CAPTCHA – CAPTCHA (‘Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’)
    after 2 consecutive login failures.

IMPS – Immediate Mobile Payment Service enables users to transfer funds in real time using mobile number. You need to have an MMID to transfer money. This facility is available 24x7, even on Sundays and Bank Holidays. This service is brought to you by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in collaboration with member banks.


This app allows you to link bank accounts to your UPI wallet to send and receive money. You don’t need the bank account details, branch details or IFSC code to transfer the money. Fund transfer is done based on the sender and receiver’s mobile number.

  • Download BHIM DLB UPI App from Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app and select Manage Account.
  • Here, select your Bank and Bank account. 
  • You will then be asked to create a Virtual Payment Address (VPA)/ UPI ID (example – name@dlb or mobno@dlb)
  • Link your Bank account to UPI ID & set your UPI PIN.
  • Add Beneficiary
  • You can now send and receive payments instantly and securely.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Phone Banking

Dhanlaxmi Bank Phone Banking is secure and convenient. It is available 24x7 and allows you to carry out various transactions through your mobile phone.

You don’t need any kind of registration to carry out Dhanlaxmi Bank Phone Banking.

Phone Banking Number - +91 0487 6613000

Services available on Dhanlaxmi Bank Phone Banking

Obtain account information

  • Balances of CASA, fixed deposit and loan accounts
  • Previous transaction details
  • Obtain fixed deposit interest rates
  • Enquire on your existing fixed deposit account
  • Track issued cheques
  • Information on various accounts and services

Other services

  • Get assistance on online banking and mobile banking.
  • Report loss of card
  • Resolve debit card & credit card issues
  • Register complaints
  • Get assistance on NEFT & RTGS

Dhanlaxmi Bank SMS Banking

There are two types of SMS Banking facilities - Dhanam ALERT@MOBILE - mobile banking alert services & Dhanam SMS@MOBILE – SMS Pull Services


SMS alerts are sent to your mobile number for both debit & credit transactions on your account. You can set additional alert limits like minimum transaction amount that should trigger an alert.


This feature helps you to request for account related information through SMS. Users don’t need any separate registration for this service. However, the mobile number from which you are sending the request should be linked to your bank account.

You have to type the KEYWORD and send it to 5676751. You will then receive an SMS back with the requested information.

Credit Card - SMS to 5676751 CC

Car Loan - SMS to 5676751 CL

Commercial Property Loans - SMS to 5676751 CP

Fixed Deposits - SMS to 5676751 FD

FOREX Card - SMS to 5676751 FOREX

GIFT Card - SMS to 5676751 GIFT

GOLD Loan - SMS to 5676751 GOLD

HOME Loan - SMS to 5676751 HL

NRE Deposits - SMS to 5676751 NRE

OFFER - SMS to 5676751 OFFER

SME Banking - SMS to 5676751 SME

MMID - SMS to 5676751 MMID (Customer ID) (For Eg. SMS MMID 123456 where 123456 is Customer ID)

MMID Cancel - SMS to 5676751 MMIDCANCEL (Customer ID) (For Eg. SMS MMIDCANCEL 123456 where 123456 is Customer ID)

To get ATM Location Address using Pincode: SMS to 5676751 ATM PINCODE (For Eg. SMS ATM 680004 where 680004 is Pincode of Thrissur main branch ATM location which you want to search)

To get BRANCH Location Address using Pincode: SMS to 5676751 BRANCH PINCODE (For Eg. SMS BRANCH 680004 where 680004 is Pincode of Thrissur main Branch location which you want to search)

Dhanlaxmi Bank Mobile Banking FAQs:

1. How can I activate Dhanlaxmi Bank mobile banking?

To activate mobile banking on the App, click on the 'Create MPIN' button in the Login Screen and provide the Debit card details and other credentials. You can avail transaction facility online after activating Mobile Banking Application.

2. What is MPIN in Dhanlaxmi Bank?

MPIN is a 6-digit password or PIN required to login to the DhanSmart App. There is a 6-digit required for transactions. The customer can generate the MPIN/TPIN by clicking the create MPIN Button from the application.

3. How can I change my mobile number in Dhanlaxmi Bank?

To change the existing mobile number, you need to provide a request at the nearest branch. If the customers have changed the registered Mobile number, the customer can use the application from the same device but all alerts/OTP will be sent to the Registered Mobile Number with the bank.

4. Are there any charges for using Dhanlaxmi Bank BHIM UPI?

No, there are no charges for using Dhanlaxmi Bank BHIM UPI.

5. Can I check my bank account balance through Dhanlaxmi Bank BHIM UPI app?

Yes, you can check your Account Balance through Dhanlaxmi Bank BHIM UPI app.

6. What are the prerequisites of using DhanSmart - Dhanlaxmi Mobile Banking Application?

In order to use Mobile Banking, your mobile number and e-mail ID must have been registered with the bank. The Mobile Banking facility is available on:

  • Android Phone/ Tablet - Android version 5 or above
  • iPhone/ iPad – iOS version 8 and above
  • Windows Phone – Windows version 8 and above

7. How secure is the DhanSmart Mobile Banking app?

Dhanlaxmi Mobile Banking app works on a completely secure medium. The communication channel between Dhanlaxmi Mobile Banking App and Dhanlaxmi Mobile Banking Server is secure and encrypted with highest security standards. It has two factor authentications for all transactions to give enhanced security.

  • The application logs out automatically after 5 minutes of idle time
  • No personal information is stored on the mobile application
  • User session expires on logout of the application
  • SSL encryption is used to protect the communication with the Bank

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