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Kotak Mahindra Bank has introduced a host of digital banking solutions for its customers. Mobile Banking is an important part of digital banking. It allows customers to access banking through their smartphones. What more? They can bank anywhere, anytime with a single click.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Mobile Banking solutions are available through the following channels –

  • Kotak Bank App
  • USSD Banking
  • SMS Banking

Kotak Bank App

Kotak Mahindra Bank Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Apps are the most comprehensive of all mobile banking solutions. It embraces most of the banking services similar to Netbanking or Branch Banking. It is lauded for its security and the ease at which one can use it on their smartphones.

  • Kotak Bank app is available on Google Play & Apple App Store for download. 
  • One can easily register on the app using their debit card or credit card details. It is also absolutely free of charge.
  • You can add up to 3 Customer Relations on a single device. This enables you to manage the accounts of your family members also on the same device.
  • Customers having a Current / Savings Account, a Term Deposit or a Credit Card with access to Active Net Banking or having an Active Debit / Credit Card are eligible to be registered for Mobile Banking with the app.
  • You also get instant transaction alerts and other updates in the Mobile Banking App via push notifications.
  • Secured HTTPS protocol for communication between the mobile client and the mobile server makes sure that all your transactions are encrypted and highly secure.
  • Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of validation, minimizing security breaches

How to get started with Kotak Bank App?

  • Download and install the app from Google Play or Apple App Store. 
  • Login with your Customer Relationship Number (CRN). CRN is found on your Debit/Credit card.
  • You need to authenticate your account details using your Debit / Credit Card details or Net Banking password
  • You can now set a 6-digit MPIN for app login. 
  • You will be sent an activation code on your registered mobile number. Enter that to complete the registration process
  • Login with your CRN and MPIN. 

Services offered by Kotak Bank App


811 – Digital Account

  • Open a new zero balance 811 savings account in 5 mins.
  • Virtual debit card for 811 customers.
  • One click apply for #DREAMDIFFERENT debit card
  • Book an appointment for KYC
  • Add money to 811 account

Banking Services

  • Check balance of your savings & current accounts
  • View past transactions. Account overview
  • Request for account statement
  • Open Term Deposit
  • Open Recurring Deposit
  • View Term & Recurring Deposits
  • Term Deposit Calculator
  • View Term Deposit Rates
  • Premature Withdrawal of FD/RD
  • View MMID
  • Modify MMID
  • Check your balance via virtual assistants Siri/Google Assistant
  • Kotak Offers

Fund Transfers & Payments

  • Add a beneficiary for fund transfer
  • Modify a registered beneficiary
  • Search registered beneficiary
  • Select favourites
  • Edit transaction limits for beneficiary
  • Activate / deactivate a beneficiary
  • Transfer funds without registering beneficiary, through One Time transfer
  • Repeat past debit transactions by using 'Repeat' feature
  • Customer can send money back to payee using the ‘Pay’ functionality
  • Make NEFT / RTGS fund transfer
  • Kotak to Kotak fund transfer
  • Fund transfer between own accounts
  • IMPS fund transfer using account No / IFSC (P2A)
  • IMPS fund transfer using mobile No / MMID (P2P)
  • Schedule fund transfer post cut off time
  • View scheduled payments
  • Manage scheduled payments
  • Send receipt
  • Scan & pay
  • Send and receive money without entering bank information using UPI
  • Create a new UPI ID (VPA) for UPI transactions
  • Modify UPI ID (VPA)
  • Change the account linked to your Kotak UPI ID (VPA)
  • Create a UPI mandate
  • Accept a UPI mandate
  • Revoke a UPI mandate
  • Modify a UPI mandate
  • View UPI Transfer history
  • Manage / View Collect request

Bill Pay & Recharge

  • Register for BillPay by going to corresponding category
  • Pay due bills
  • Make instant payments to your registered billers
  • Set auto pay to make payment automatically using Manage AutoPay
  • Mobile recharge
  • Browse mobile tariff special plans
  • Repeat past mobile recharges
  • DTH recharge
  • Repeat past DTH recharges
  • Pay electricity bill
  • Pay any credit card bill
  • Pay landline bill
  • Pay insurance premium
  • Pay broadband bill
  • Pay for Mutual Funds
  • Pay property tax
  • Pay water bill
  • Donate to charities
  • Pay gas bill
  • Pay rent
  • Pay for magazine subscriptions

Credit Cards

  • View the summary of your Credit Cards
  • Pay your credit card bills
  • View past billed statements
  • View unbilled transactions
  • Balance transfer
  • Balance transfer on EMI
  • Convert transactions to EMI
  • Outstanding to EMI
  • Service requests
  • Use a credit card to pay via Scan and Pay
  • Check your milestone progress
  • Redeem your milestone points against PVR coupons or reward points
  • Check redemption history


  • Purchase Mutual Funds (SIP / one time)
  • Redeem Mutual Funds
  • Keep a track of your investments
  • Get the latest NAV report
  • Check status of your transaction requests
  • View/cancel request


  • Book domestic & international flight tickets
  • View flight booking history
  • Cancel flight booking
  • Make hotel reservations
  • Cancel hotel reservations
  • View hotel reservation history
  • Book bus travel
  • View bus booking history
  • Cancel bus bookings
  • Shop on Flipkart
  • Subscribe to magazines
  • Book Train tickets on IRCTC
  • Check PNR status
  • View and Cancel train bookings
  • Ola cab booking
  • Know offers on Kaymall

Service Requests

  • Debit Card Requests
  • Credit Card Requests
  • Cheque Requests
  • Demat Requests
  • Account Related
  • Profile Related

My Kotak

  • Select cards to personalise your home page and get all the information as per your convenience
  • Option to set MPIN Off and view account balance without logging in
  • View alerts & notifications
  • Contextual banner for showing customer specific offers
  • Frequently used features


Kotak Mahindra BHIM UPI

Kotak Mahindra BHIM UPI allows you to send/receive money using unique identifiers called 'Virtual Payment Addresses (VPAs)/UPI ID' for e.g. custname@Kotak. UPI payments are sent directly from your bank account and hence you do not need a debit card, credit card or the bank account details or IFSC codes.

There is no hassle of adding a beneficiary before transferring money. You can transfer to another UPI recipient using their phone number or UPI ID. You can make bill payments to shopkeepers and merchants by scanning the QR codes at their location.

Kotak Bank customers can use the BHIM UPI through their Kotak Mobile App. Non-Kotak customers can also use the Kotak BHIM UPI by downloading the ‘BHIM KotakPay’ app.

How to get started with Kotak BHIM UPI?

  • Click on 'BHIM UPI' present in 'My Kotak' section or 'Banking' section 
  • In the 'BHIM UPI' menu, go to 'Manage VPA' and click on 'Create VPA'
  • Select the bank account that you want to link with your VPA
  • Enter a new VPA in the space provided and check its availability
  • Click on 'Create VPA' and confirm the details
  • Your VPA will be created and ready to use

Charges for using Kotak BHIM UPI

For transactions less than
 or equal to Rs. 1,000

For transactions above
Rs. 1,000

Upto 20 transactions

Zero Charges

Zero Charges

21st transaction onwards 

Rs 2.50 *  per transaction 

Rs 5.00 *  per transaction

*18% GST applicable

Kotak Bank SMS Banking

SMS Banking allows many banking services to be carried out through SMS. This is helpful in cases where the customer does not have a smartphone or internet connection.

There are no charges to use SMS Banking. However, your mobile operator will charge for SMS according to your mobile payment plan.

Customers have to send the relevant KEYWORD to 9971056767 or 5676788.

Sr. No.TransactionKeyword


Account balance



Last 3 transactions

TXN(space)Last 4 digits of Account Number


Last 3 months statement on email

STMT(space)Last 4 digits of Account Number


Statement on email for a particular month in the current financial year

STMT(space)Last 4 digits of Account Number(space)First 3 letters of the month


Statement on email for any period

STMT(space)Last 4 digits of Account Number(space)Start period: First 3 letters of the month followed by last 2 digits of the year(space)End Period: First 3 letters of the month followed by last 2 digits of the year


Cheque Status Inquiry

CHQSTATUS(space)Last 4 digits of Account Number(space)6 digit cheque number


New Cheque Book Request

CHQBOOK(space)Last 4 digits of Account Number


Download Mobile App



Term Deposit/Fixed Deposit Renewal

TDREN(space)last 4 digit of Fixed Deposit no.
FDREN(space)last 4 digit of Fixed Deposit no


Know your Credit Card Reward Points



Know your Customer Relationship Number (CRN)



Generate / Retrieve your Mobile Money Identifier (MMID)

MMID(space)Last 4 digits of Account Number


Cancel MMID for an account

MMIDREVOKE(space)7 digit MMID of your account


Cancel MMID for all accounts



Reinstate MMID

MMIDREINST(space)7 digit MMID of your account


Know Your Investment Account Number

MFACCT(space)Last 4 digits of Customer Relationship Number


Holding Value of Investment account

MFBAL(space)Last 4 digits of Customer Relationship Number


Know Your Demat Account Number

DPACCT(space)Last 4 digits of Customer Relationship Number


Holding Value of Demat account

DPBAL(space)Last 4 digits of Customer Relationship Number


Nearest ATM

ATM(space)6 digit pincode


Nearest Branch

BRANCH(space)6 digit pincode


Regenerate Net Banking PIN

NETPIN(space)Last 4 digits of Customer Relationship Number


Regenerate Phone Banking PIN

PHONEPIN(space)Last 4 digits of Customer Relationship Number


Regenerate Debit Card PIN

DEBITPIN(space)Last 4 digits of Debit Card Number


Enable International Usage on Debit Card

DCENB(space)Last 4 digits of Debit Card Number


Activate Debit Card for use at merchant establishments (POS)

POSACT(space)Last 4 digits of Debit Card Number


Activate Debit Card

DCUNBLOCK(space)Last 4 digits of Debit Card Number


Recharge your mobile

REC(space)Mobile Number(space)Telecom service provider(space)Amount(space)Last 4 digits of Account Number


Recharge your DTH

DTH(space)Subscriber Number(space)DTH service provider(space)Amount(space)Last 4 digits of Account Number


Pay bill

PAYBILL(space) BILL ID(space)CRN(space)Last 4 digits of Account Number(space)Amount


Apply for Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY)

JYOTI(space)Nominee Name


Apply for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)

SURAKSHA(space)Nominee Name


Check your Kotak bank account application status

KACAPP(space)your XX digit Application Number


List of SMS banking keywords



Find APAC No. basis CRN No

APAC(space)CRN NO.


Find APAC No. basis Registration No

APACRGN(space)Vehicle No.


Loan a/c balance

LOANBAL(space)Application APAC no.


EMI details

LOANEMI(space)Application APAC no.


Loan amount financed

LOANFIN(space)Application APAC no.


Loan NOC Request

LOANNOC(space)APAC no.


Request for Loan Payment Collection

LOANPAY(space)APAC no.


Request for Loan SOA

LOANSOA(space)Application APAC No.(comma)EMAIL


Request for Loan Repayment Schedule

LOANRPS(space)Application APAC No.(comma)EMAIL


New vehicle loan



Insurance Renewal

LOANINS(space)Vehicle No.


Vehicle in possession with bank


Kotak Bank USSD Banking

USSD Banking is an advantage for customers who do not have a smartphone or internet connection. USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data means a real-time or instant session-based messaging service. National Unified USSD Platform (NUUP) is offered on a short code: *99#.

Customers must first register for USSD Banking from their registered mobile number.

  • Dial *99# on your dialer. 
  • Choose the relevant option to choose Kotak Bank. 
  • The menu will fetch the account numbers linked to your mobile number. 
  • Press the correct option to confirm your registration. 
  • You will then be allowed to set a 6-digit UPI PIN. 

Services offered on USSD Banking

  • Balance enquiry
  • Fund transfer (to a Mobile Number, Virtual Payment Address, IFSC/Ac no, Aadhaar)
  • Transaction history (done via USSD)
  • Request money

Kotak Mahindra Bank Mobile Banking FAQs:

1. How do I get the Kotak Mobile Banking App?

You can download the Kotak Mobile Banking app from or go to Apple App Store / Google Play Store. You can also SMS 'Mobile' to 9971056767 / 5676788 to receive the link on your registered mobile number.

2. What type of handset do I need to use the Kotak Mobile Banking App?

Kotak Mobile Banking App is supported on your smart phones running iOS (version 8.0 onwards) or Android (version 5.0.0 onwards) operating systems. You need to have access to internet (mobile data / Wi-Fi) to use the app.

3. I have not registered for Net Banking; can I still use Kotak Mobile Banking?

Yes. Mobile Banking access is not related to Net Banking. You can register for Mobile Banking using your active Credit or Debit Card details.

4. What is CRN number?

A CRN, or Customer Relationship Number, is the number under your name on your Debit/Credit card. If you are unable to find your CRN number, simply SMS CRN to 9971056767 from your registered mobile number to get it in an SMS.

5. What are the working hours for money transfers on Kotak BHIM UPI?

Money transfers using UPI can be made 24x7 and instantly, which means it can be done on holidays as well.

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Amazon recently announced a partnership with Kotak Mahindra Bank. Existing Kotak Mahindra customers can now shop at using the “KayMall” tab on the Kotal mobile app. Customers can pay for their purchases using any preferred payment mode like debit/credit card, UPI and net banking. You can also enjoy special discounts and offers exclusively available in KayMall for Kotak Mahindra Bank customers.

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