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International Driving License

Whether traveling on an off-beat track or thirst adventures, the driving enthusiast loves to cruise around the globe. While driving inside your country, you are free to go wherever you want whenever you need, but if you travel to another country for a holiday or business purpose, you are often not allowed to rent a car or bike to drive into their streets as you may lack a proper international driving license to travel in that country.

If you want to drive overseas, you should hold a valid International Driver's Permit. An International Driving Permit is nothing but a translation of a domestic driving license that enables the holder to use a private motor vehicle in any country. Those striving to drive abroad must apply for an International Driver's Permit. IDP is an official travel document authorized by the United Nations & given to people who tour foreign countries. It is an official translation of your driver's license provided by your home country. This document states that you own a valid driver's license. It will translate your license documents into various languages so that the country’s officials can verify and understand your driving certificates. It can be published in different languages such as English, French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German, and Scandinavian. Also, it is essential in case of any misfortune as it will verify your driving credentials. Read how to apply for an International driving license online & offline in Tamil Nadu, eligibility criteria, documents & processing fees.

What are the Advantages of an International Driving License?

You can easily get an international driving permit as the application process is quite simple.

The following are the various advantages of IDL:

1. The international driving permit aids you to get legally certified for driving a motor vehicle on International roads. Some countries will not permit you to rent a car or motor vehicle unless you possess a valid IDL.

2. It is proof that states your driving capability in other countries.

3. You can use an IDL as identity proof in the local language.

4. You do not need to submit identity proof to procure this document and the document ensures that you hold a valid driver's right in your home country.

5. It is accepted in over 150 countries around the globe that are signatories to the agreement.

6. Insurance companies need an IDP to offer insurance coverage to motorists who drive motor vehicles on international roads.

7. Using an IDP, you are not required to take any additional driving tests in the countries where you are visiting.

8. Some countries that are not signatories would also accept the IDP as a valid document within territories.

9. The IDP is helpful when your original driver's license is not in the language spoken in a particular contour where you have visited. This helps the authorities of international countries to confirm your information.

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What Are The Steps To Apply For An International Driving License Online In India?

An individual can apply for an international driving license on the website of the Ministry of Road Transport And Highways or can obtain permission directly from their respective RTO.

  • Step 1: Fill in the following forms accurately and correctly.
  • 1. Form 4A – Certifies that an individual is a competent rider

    2. Form 1A – A form certifying the medical fitness of the rider

  • Step 2: Give the details about driving license, identity, and residential proof.
  • Step 3: Submit all the required documents with the forms.
  • Step 4: Take the driving test.
  • Step 5: Pay Rs. 1,000 when you submit the documents

Your application will be successful by following these simple steps, and you will receive your International driving license in 4 to 5 business days.

This application process is entirely online, and hence it is easy and convenient for anybody to apply for an international driving license. If you want to apply offline, you can go to the respective RTOs and fill up the forms, pay the fees, and submit the required documents. The RTO will convert your license into an international one.

What Are The Steps To Apply For An International Driving License Offline

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made the international driving license application process easier & hassle-free. If you wish to drive in another country, you must apply for an international driving license, which serves as a driving permit in that particular country. You can head to the nearest RTO office & collect the form for an international driving license permit. Fill out the form & submit the necessary documents & pay the processing fee of Rs. 1000. The license is given to you once the application is processed. Usually, it takes 3-4 business days for the same.

What Are The Documents To Apply For International Driving Permit?

All the signatory countries have uniform eligibility for the International driving permit. Most countries charge a small fee to allocate IDP, which differs from country to country. The following are the eligibility criteria for the International driving permit:

If you want to apply for an IDP, you must be above 18 years of age.

You must have a valid Driving license.

You must submit an official form allocated by the concerned authority along with three passport-sized photographs.

Prerequisite for Indian applicants for International Driving Permit

1. Form 4

2. You should have a copy of a valid driver's license.

3. Passport & Visa

4. Air Tickets

5. Medical Certificate as specified in the Application Form.

6. Certified proof of Indian citizenship.

7. Address proof.

8. Age proof.

9. Rs. 1000 Application fee

10. Carry Five Passport-Size Photos.

What Are The Processing Fees For International Driving License?

The old processing fee for IDP is Rs. 500. In 2017, the processing fee was revised to Rs.1000. You need to pay the processing fee at the time of presenting the documents & application form.

What Countries Accept Indian Driving Licenses?

1. Australia

2. France

3. United States of America

4. New Zealand

5. United Kingdom

6. Switzerland

7. Malaysia

8. South Africa

9. Bhutan

10. Germany

11. Canada

12. Sweden

FAQs of International Drivers License

1. Is it possible to use an International Driving Permit for two-wheelers?

If you maintain a proper two-wheeler license in your home country, you can rent & ride a two-wheeler with your license & the IDP while voyaging to other countries.

2. Can a person apply for an IDL without a passport?

No, a passport is mandatory for getting an international driving license. An individual cannot apply for an IDL without a proper passport.

3. Shall I use my Internal driving permit as identity proof?

In some cases, you can use your IDP document as identity proof subject to meeting a few conditions in the country you have voyaged.

4. Which are the essential documents to apply for IDP?

The necessary documents for IDP are a valid Indian driving license, a copy of a Visa, a Passport & your air ticket.

5. Is it possible to drive in India with IDP?

All foreign tourists can drive on Indian roads if they have a valid international driving permit or an Indian license. Always remember that IDP is valid only for a year from the date of issue. Ensure to get your IDP before you go abroad trips.

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