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Driving License Fees

When anybody in India decides to learn how to drive a vehicle or chooses to apply for a permanent driving license, they should follow the rules and regulations established by the state transport department. Before a driving license is issued, the applicant must fill in the necessary forms completely and correctly. Then, they should submit them along with the driving license fees. Before the driving license is issued, there is also a test that has to be cleared. Applicants can pay online through the official website of the transport department of the specific state. Alternatively, the applicants can pay the driving license fees online through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways website - Parivahan Sewa.

What Is The Fee Structure of the Driving License?

When you apply for a driving license, the fees will differ depending on various factors. Some of the factors on which the fees depend are, your status, the status of the driving license you want, and the kind of vehicle you drive. For example: In case you are driving a two wheeler, your driving license fees may vary from that obtained for driving a car. An instance where the driving license fee varies with the status of the driving license is the difference between when you apply for an international driving license and when you apply for a license to drive in India. With the difference in the fees, it is important to know the fee structure of each type of driving license. Here is a table showing the difference in the fee structure.

License TypeFees in INR
Learning license fees 200
renewal fees200
Driving license fees 200
Driving License Renewal Fee200
International driving license fee 1,000
Driving license test fee300

How To Pay The Driving License or The Learner’s License Fees Online?

Here are the steps to pay the driving or the learner’s license fees online:

Step 1: Go to the official website of the government -

Step 2: Click the “Online Services” tab.

Step 3: Choose the “Driving License Related Services” option from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Choose the specific state from the drop down menu.

Step 5: On the top, click on “Fee Payment”

Step 6: Select the “Fee Payment” option from the drop down menu.

Step 7: Read the instructions for online payment for the learner's license or driving license.

Step 8: Click on proceed

Step 9: Fill in all the required details and click on the “Click here to calculate fee” tab

Step 10: Click on the “Bank/Gateway/Treasury” drop down option after all the details get generated.

Step 11: Enter the verification number

Step 12: Click on the "Pay Later" or "Pay Now" option to complete and process the payment.

Fee Structure Changes For Vehicle Registrations

Registration type Old Fees(In Rs)New Fees (In Rs)
Two wheeler hypothecation 100 500
Three wheeler hypothecation1001,500
Medium and heavy vehicles hypothecation 1003,000
Motorbike registration6050
Transport license for cars and autos that have a white board200600
Transport license for cars and autos that have a yellow board 3001000
Passenger and cargo vehicles 4001000
Passenger and heavy cargo vehicles 6001,500
Imported vehicle fee 8005,000
Imported motorcycle fee 2002,000

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If you want to own a vehicle in India, it comes with a set of responsibilities and documents related to vehicle use. Among these responsibilities, obtaining a valid license and vehicle insurance are included. Both are essential for driving any vehicle on the roads of India.

FAQs of Driving License Fees

1. How much is the cost of getting a driving license in India?

The cost of getting a driving license in India varies according to the type of license you are getting. A learner’s license will cost approximately Rs. 200. A driver’s license test will cost Rs. 300. Renewal of the driving license will cost Rs. 200. An international driver’s license will cost Rs. 1000.

2. What documents are required for driving license in India?

The documents required for a driving license in India are:

  • Age proof: any one of the documents such as birth certificate, PAN card, passport, 10th class mark sheet, and more.
  • Address proof: permanent proof of address - passport, Aadhaar card, self-owned house agreement.

3. What are the basic license fees for a learner’s license?

The fees for a learner’s license is 200

4. Is it possible to renew a permanent driving license and what is the fee for it?

Yes, it is possible to renew a permanent driving license, which is valid for a period of 20 years. When you expire it, you must renew it at the earliest. The fee for renewal is Rs. 200.

5. What is the driving fee structure based on?

The driving fee structure depends on the kind of driver you are, such as a learner, international driver, etc. and the type of vehicle that is being driven.

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