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Steps to apply for a Heavy Vehicle License Online/ Offline

If you want to drive heavy motor vehicles on Indian roads, you must have an HMV driving license. Generally, Heavy vehicles are commercial vehicles called HCVs or heavy commercial vehicles. The truck, trailer, garbage trucks, buses, container lorry, cement mixes, etc come under heavy motor vehicles. These vehicles play a significant role in the Indian automobile segment as well as the economy of India. The skills required to drive Heavy Commercial Vehicles will differ from that needed for lightweight vehicles. To legally drive these vehicles on Indian roads, ensure a proper license. Before applying for a driving license, you must check which category your vehicle falls into.

The following are the various licenses for different vehicles:

License Different Vehicles
HPMVVehicles are used for Commercial purposes along with India permits to carry passengers.
HGMVHV for carrying goods.
MCWGMotorcycles With & without gear.
FGVWithout gear vehicles

Example: mopeds and scooters.

MC 50ccThe engine capacity is 50cc or less.
MC EX50ccWith gear vehicles having engine capacity of 50cc or more.
LMV-NTNon-transport class vehicles such as cars.

Read on to find the steps to avail of a Heavy Vehicle License online & offline, the eligibility criteria, and the documentation required to apply for a heavy vehicle license in India.

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What is the Eligibility criteria for the HGMV license?

Age: The person seeking a commercial vehicle license should be 18 years or above. However, in some states in India, the minimum age is 20 years.

Sound Mental & Physical Health: The person applying for HGMV should have good mental & physical health. Granting a license to a lunatic or mentally unstable person may be dangerous to that person & others on the road. So, only sound mental & physical well-being are eligible for a license.

Learner’s License: The person applying for HGMV must hold a valid learner's license before applying for an HGMV license with the Government of India.

Should Know Driving: To be eligible for a heavy vehicle license, you should be trained in a driving school run by the government or an institute affiliated with the State Government.

Education: To understand rules & regulations along with reading road signs, The applicant needs to pass at least the 8th standard.

What Are The Documents Required To Apply For An HGMV License?

The following are the required documents for applying for an HGV license:

1. Proof of Residential: Ration card, electricity bill, etc.

2. Proof of Identity: your Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc.

3. Proof of Age: 10th passing certificate, birth certificate, etc.

4. Duly Signed Application form.

What are the steps to Apply for a Heavy Vehicle License?

You can apply for a Heavy Vehicle License either online or offline. Below are the steps to apply for a Heavy Vehicle License online / offline:

Steps to Get HGMV Driving Licence Online

1. First, you must go to

2. Next, place the cursor on the 'Online Services' & press the 'Driving License Related Services' option.

3. Now, you should choose the state as per your preference from the drop-down menu.

4. Next, you should press the 'Apply for Driving License' option & continue.

5. Then, you need to fill in your "Learning License Number" & "Date of Birth" to continue.

6. Next, type the details in the application form and add your required license category and press the 'Next' option.

7. You need to visit the RTO office as per schedule.

Steps to get HGMV Driving Licence Offline

If you want to apply for an HGMV driving license offline, you must visit the closest RTO office along with the essential documents and make an offline application. After checking your documents the concerned officer will guide you through the procedure. After paying the application fees, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt along with the application number specified. Soon, they will inform you of the driving test date and time.

How to Apply for Additional Class of Vehicles?

  • First, you must go to the Parivahan website or tap the link for the same:
  • Next, keep the cursor on the 'Online Services' & choose the 'Driving License Related Services' option.
  • Now, you should choose the state as per your preference from the drop-down menu.
  • You must hit the "Services on Drivers License ( Renewal/Additional Endorsement of Driving License/Duplicate/Others)" from the "Driving License" menu.
  • Press the continue button.
  • Next, fill in the "Driver's License number" & "Date of birth" and give the "Get Drivers License Details" option.
  • Then, mention all the necessary details in the Application Form & book an appointment.

FAQs of How to Apply for a Heavy Motor Vehicle Driving License?

1. Do blood groups essential to avail of a Driving License?

During LLR, you mentioned blood group is mandatory.

2. Should I appear for the Driver's License Test & Original Document Verification?

The applicant must take a driving test and drive the vehicle in front of the competence testing authority. If the person is qualified, he/she will be allowed to capture biometrics such as a photograph. In case the applicant fails the driving test, they will allow him to appear for a re-test conducted after seven days. The applicant should submit the original documents during the driving test for verification.

3. How much do I have to pay for the license?

The fee payable for Single Class is Rs.800, double class is Rs. 1100, and Additional Class Rs.1100.

4. When should I go for the Driving License test?

The applicant with a valid learners' license for 30 days would be qualified to appear for the test on any government working day.

5. What are the benefits of using heavy-duty vehicles?

Heavy duty vehicles aid in easily carrying heavy loads & have a long lifespan. It also requires less maintenance than other kinds of vehicles.

6. I have lost my driving license. What should I do now?

You have to complain to the police regarding your lost or missing original driving license. You can register for police complaints online. Using the police certificate, you can apply for a duplicate driving license in the parivahan portal online.

7. What is an additional class driving license?

First, you should have a valid driving license to get an additional class of driving license. Additional class driving means adding one more class of vehicles. For instance, a person having a motorcycle license may want to drive an LMV and can add this to their existing driving license.

8. I have cleared the driving test in many vehicle categories but still not got a single license. What should I do?

In this case, you can contact the RTO you have applied for.

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