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How To Change The Address On The Driving License

There is a provision for a motor vehicle’s registered owner to apply for a change in the residential address on the automobile’s registration certificate. Individuals who have at least shifted their residence for a significant time period or permanently should modify their driving license as well. There are two options to change the address on a driving license in India - Online and offline. Doing it online is the most preferred one to update the driving license address because doing it offline includes going to the regional transport office to make the change. Read on to know both these methods to change the address on a driving license and other related facts.

How To Change The Address On The Driving License Online?

Here is a step by step guide on how to update the address on a driving license online. Firstly, go to the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and carry out the following steps:

Step 1: Select the state, choose “Apply Online” and pick the option “Services on Driving License” to change the address on your driving license online.

Step 2: Read all the instructions carefully and proceed further.

Step 3: Fill in the details related to state, date of birth, RTO, old driving license number etc. and go on to verify your permanent address.

Step 4: From the list of DL services shown, select the one to change the address on a driving license in India.

Step 5: Input the address you want to change in the new driving license, input the captcha, and submit.

Step 6: Print the next page that shows your application number for future use.

Step 7: Upload all the required documents, choose a payment gateway, and pay the necessary fees.

Step 8: After a successful payment process, an acknowledgement message for the same will be displayed.

Step 9: Select “ Print Receipt” to generate a payment receipt. Verify all the details given on the generated receipt.

Applicants who search for “how to change an address on the driving license” or “Can I change my driving license address online” must get a printout of the updated driving license post the approval of the application. For this, you have to select “Print Driving License” on the same portal and enter your date of birth as well as the application number. Choose “Submit”.

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How To Change The Address On The Driving License Offline

The method below is the offline method to change the address on the driving license.

Step 1: Firstly, get a No Objection Certificate and Clearance Certificate from the Regional Transport Office where the driving license was issued.

Step 2: Write an application to the RTO specifying the change of address on the driving license.

Step 3: Vist the regional transport office to submit the application and the documentation.

Step 5: Along with this, pay the required amount of fees for this process.

Step 6: After completing this process, you will be contacted for photographs and biometrics like finger and Iris scanning.

Step 7: Finally, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt with some future date or reference.

Step 8: If you are applying for an address change in the same state, then a new driving license will get delivered within a maximum of 10 days. But, if your current address is in a new state, it may take 30 to 60 days to verify the same.

For changing an address in the driving license, you will be charged a prescribed fee of Rs. 500.

What Are The Documents Required to Change The Address on The Driving License?

The following list of documents is required for a change in the address on the driving license.

  • A duplicate copy of a valid permanent driving license.
  • A smart card fee that may be required in some states.
  • Application in Form 33
  • The documents like Aadhaar card, passport, election card, payslip issued by the government or local body, ration card, an affidavit sworn by the applicant before an executive magistrate or first class judicial magistrate or Notary public.
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Registration certificate
  • Chassis & Engine Pencil Print, which may be required in some states.
  • Pollution under control certificate
  • In case of hypothecation, you need a No Objection Certificate from the financier. This may be necessary in some states.
  • Signature Identification of the owner, which may be required in some states.
  • Attested copy of PAN card or Form 60 and Form 61 as required.

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How To Check The Application Status For Address Change On Driving License?

There are two web portals through which you can check the driving license status.

1) Checking through the state transport official website

Step 1: Visit the state transport department website.

Step 2: Choose “DL and LL Registration”.

Step 3: Choose “Know your application status” after getting redirected.

Step 4: Enter the application number of the applicant that is there on the application form.

Step 5: Choose submit after you input the application number

Step 6: A new page showing the status of the driving license will open. Here, you can verify the required information.

2) Checking through the Sarathi website:

Step 1: Go to the official Sarathi website.

Step 2: Visit the “Online Services” tab.

Step 3: Choose “Driving License Related Services.”

Step 4: Select the state where you live.

Step 5: Select “Verify Pay Status” on the next page.

Step 6: Enter the date of birth, application number, and the captcha. Click “Verify” after This.

Step 7: A new page stating all the details will appear, and this page will include the status of the driving license also.

Final Thoughts

Individuals will feel the need to change the address on the driving license under certain circumstances. They should keep the above facts in mind when they do so.

FAQS of How To Change The Address On The Driving License

1. Is the local address proof compulsory for the driving license?

If the driving license is from another city, the local address proof is required.

2. Can I renew my driving license anywhere in India?

A person can not only renew the driving license at any RTO but also make changes to his name. This is in accordance with a notification issued by the transport department of the state government.

3. Is the driving license valid all over India?

The application form for a driver’s license can be submitted at the RTO or online. The driving license is valid all over India.

4. Can I apply for a driving license in another city in India?

As per the newly-amended Motor Vehicles Act, motor users can now apply for a driving license at any of the 50 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) regardless of their place of residence.

5. Can I buy a car without a driving license in India?

A driving license is not a mandatory document to buy a motor policy. You can buy a vehicle for yourself or your family even if you do not possess a driving license or keep a driver for your needs.

6. What is the grace period for renewing a driving license?

Motorists who want to renew their driving license cards can apply for them before the expiry date. They can use the expired card for three months provided they have the expired card and the receipt in the vehicle at all times.

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