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Commercial Vehicle Driving License

The commercial vehicle industry is a billion-dollar business. Also, it is a profitable business opportunity available for all. Commercial vehicles are both light & heavy vehicles used to transport passengers or goods. Whether you are a business magnate who owns a transport company with lots of trucks or a single commercial vehicle, you should hire a driver with a valid Commercial driving license to operate your commercial vehicle. As an owner, you should confirm that the driver is skilled in driving and is well-versed with heavy vehicles by checking his driving license. Also, all the drivers must possess a valid Commercial driving license to drive commercial vehicles on Indian roads as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. A commercial driving license is a document issued by the Indian government to certify that a person is eligible to drive motor vehicles intended for transporting goods and people on highways & public areas. Read more to know about what is a commercial driving license, the Steps to get CDL online/offline, eligibility criteria, documentation, and how to get a duplicate CDL online.

Vehicle Types Based On Which The Commercial Licenses are Issued In India

1. LMV - the users of the Light vehicle can apply for an LMV license. Some of the lightweight vehicles are motorcars, jeeps, taxis, and delivery vans.

2. MGV - this license is for driving medium goods vehicles.

3. HMV - Used for driving Heavy Motor Vehicles.

4. HPMV/HTV -Heavy transport vehicle/Heavy passenger motor vehicle

5. Trailer - heavy vehicle driving license holders can apply for a heavy trailer license.

6. LMV - NT - Light motor vehicles used for non-transport purposes.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria for a Commercial Driving License?

  • Firstly, your age should be at least 18 years. But in some states in India, the minimum age is 20 years.
  • Next, the applicant who wants a commercial driving license should clear 8th grade in school.
  • The applicant should already hold a valid Learner’s License.
  • Another important eligibility criterion is that you should get driving training only from a Government owned driving school or state government-affiliated driving school.
  • The applicant should have all the essential documents to get a license.

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What Are The Steps To Apply For Commercial Driving License Online?

You can easily apply for a Commercial Driving license by following the below steps:

  • First, you should open the Parivahan Sewa website and download Form 4. You can tap the below link for the same:
  • Fill out and upload the form along with the licenses and passport-size photographs to the Parivahan website.
  • You need to provide a medical certificate in Form 1A. Also, the applicant who wants to drive an HMV should provide a ‘Driver Refreshing Training Certificate’.
  • It is mandatory to get trained from a Government Driving School or state Government-authorized driving school. Provide the Form 5 offered by the training center.
  • After submitting the above details, you will get a serial number on your registered mobile number.
  • On the allotted day, you need to go to the center and take up the test.

What Are The Steps To Apply For Commercial Driving License Offline?

The following are the steps to be followed to get a commercial license offline:

  • First, you must go to the nearest RTO and get a form 2.
  • Next, you should hand over the filled copy with the necessary documents to the representative at the RTO.
  • Also, you should provide a medical certificate in Form 1A and a ‘Driver Refreshing Training Certificate’ if you are applying for a driving license or an HMV.
  • You must get training from a government-owned or state-affiliated driving school.
  • Provide the Form 5 offered by the training centers
  • After submitting all the essential documents, you will get a serial number with notifications on your registered mobile number.

What Are The Documents Required To Apply For Commercial Driving License Online?

The below documents are essential for applying for a Commercial Driving License. Note that this document remains unchanged across all the states:

1. Any one of the following documents as Proof of Identity:

  • Your Aadhaar card copy
  • PAN card
  • Copy of Your Passport
  • Your Birth Certificate
  • 10th standard mark sheet copy

2. Submit any one of the following Address proofs:

3. Other important requirements:

  • Application form 2, form 1A, & form 5
  • Your Original learner license
  • 3 passport-size photographs

What Are The Steps To Get a Duplicate Commercial Driving License?

If you lose your original commercial driving license, you can get a duplicate CDL from the nearest zonal transport office. The option of getting a duplicate commercial driving license is available for the person whose license has been torn/damaged/stolen. You should submit an affidavit & FIR copy and assemble all the required documents to the RTO to get a duplicate license. Check below to know the documents to avail of a Duplicate Commercial license.

  • The first important thing is the application form 2 to get a duplicate copy of your commercial driving license.
  • FIR to be submitted if your commercial driving license is stolen or torn. Also, you will have to produce an NCR form.
  • Age proof such as Aaadhar, PAN card
  • Recently captured 2-3 Passport size photographs.
  • You should provide a photocopy of your original commercial license
  • Provide details of your license
  • Provide your original license copy to the authority if it is torn, soiled, or mutilated.

How To Recover the Commercial License if Lost?

If your Commercial driving license is lost, you should report it to the police immediately and get an FIR filed. Once filing an FIR, you can visit the zonal regional transport authority to apply for a duplicate commercial driving license. You should submit the letter with essential documents to authorities & tell them that you have lost your original CDL. Also, it can get a stamped affidavit to inform them about your lost original commercial license and that you have registered an FIR for the same.

How To Contact The Driving License Helpline?

In case of any queries or problems related to the driving license or while applying for a driving license, you can seek help from the driving license helpline. Below listed are the contact number of the driving license helpline:

1. For a Learner License, Driving License, you can write a letter to helpdesk-sarathi[at]gov[dot]in.

2. Give a call to this number+91-120-4925505.

Note that the helpline is available only between 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

FAQs of Commercial Vehicle Driving License:

1. What is a CL license?

A Class C commercial driver's license is needed to use a vehicle designed to transport 16 or more people or carry hazardous materials classified as dangerous under federal law.

2. Is it possible to get a commercial driving license without a permanent DL?

No, you cannot obtain a commercial driving license without maintaining a permanent DL.

3. What is LMV & HMV?

The person who holds an HMV license has permission to operate heavy vehicles. But to drive commercial or public vehicles, the driver should satisfy the eligibility criteria. In the case of light motor vehicles, the applicant will get a license permit to drive personal vehicles.

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