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What are the benefits of registering for South India Bank FASTag?

South Indian Bank Fastag

FASTag was introduced with the objective of reducing waiting time at toll plazas. This in turn helps to save a lot of fuel and time for vehicle users.

  • Avoid long queues at the Toll Plaza: When your vehicle approaches the toll plaza, the tag reader installed in the toll gates reads your FASTag and automatically deducts the corresponding toll charges from your tag wallet. This greatly reduces the waiting time in every toll plaza.
  • Forget carrying cash for Toll payments: The toll amount is directly deducted from your wallet account removing the need for carrying cash for toll transactions.
  • Saves time and fuel: FASTags enable you to zip through toll gates without having to wait to make transactions. This saves enormous time and money.
  • SMS alerts for each toll transaction: Users get instant SMS notification for every toll plaza transaction carried out on their tag account. This enables the user to keep a tab on their account balance.
  • Easy recharge options: Easy recharge options: Users can conveniently recharge their tag account online or at any of the POS points at toll plazas. They can use a credit card, debit card, Netbanking or UPI apps to make payments.
  • Online portal for tag holders: South India Bank FASTag users can create an account on the online portal to manage their tag account without any hassles. They can check various things like tag balance, transactions and account information on this online portal.

How to register for South India Bank FASTag?

It is very simple to apply for a South India Bank FASTag

  • Walk into the nearest branch of South India Bank to apply for a FASTag
  • You can contact their customer care department through phone or email to register for a FASTag
  • Apply Online

Online Registration: 

You can log on to the South Indian Bank NETC FASTag portal to apply online

  • Visit the South India Bank website and go to the FASTag portal page.

Home Personal Banking Value Added Services NETC FASTag

  • Click on ‘Register’
  • On the next page, you will be required to fill in your personal details, vehicle details and KYC details
  • In the next step, you will be required to upload a photo proof of your vehicle
  • Once you have submitted all the necessary details, click on ‘Submit’ to complete the registration process
  • The FASTag will be sent to your registered mailing address

How do I recharge my South India Bank FASTag?

Existing users can log on to the customer portal to manage their FASTag wallet and recharge their account. Customers can follow this path to log on to the customer portal:

Home Personal Banking Value Added Services NETC FASTag Customer Login

  • Your registered mobile number is the login id. 
  • Once you enter your mobile number, you have to click ‘Generate OTP’. An OTP will be sent.
  • Upon entering this OTP, you will be logged on to your tag account. 
  • You have to select the recharge option, enter the amount you wish to add to the account and complete payment.
  • You can use a credit card, debit card and Netbanking to recharge.

Documents required to register for South India Bank FASTag

  1. Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle
  2. Passport size photograph of the vehicle owner
  3. KYC documents as per the category of the vehicle owner
    • Valid ID proof
    • Valid Address proof

Fees & charges for the South Indian Bank -NETC FASTag

On-Boarding fees/ Tag issuing fees – Rs. 100

Vehicle ClassVehicle TypeSecurity Deposit in INRThreshold amount in INR


Class 4 (Car/jeep/van/mini LCV)




Class 5(LCV)




Class 6 (3 Axle Bus)




Class 6 (3 Axle Truck)




Class 7 (2 axle Bus/truck/minibus)




Class 12 (tractor/tractor with trailer)




Class 12 (4 to 6 Axle)




Class 15 (7 or more axle)




Class 16 (Heavy construction machinery/ Earth Moving equipment)



*Security deposit collected is Refundable at the time of Closure of the tag

South Indian Bank -NETC FASTag Customer Helpdesk

South Indian Bank has a dedicated customer support team to assist customers with any queries or issues with their FASTag.

Customers can reach the Call Centers at 1800 425 1809

They can also email the customer care team at

NHAI also has a dedicated customer support team. Users can dial 1033 (NHAI/IHMCL Helpline) from Landline/Mobile for FASTag Complaints at Toll Plaza Level.

Some of the issues addressed through this number are:

  • Stopped at the plaza for Tag blacklist reason even though Tag is not blacklisted.
  • Plaza not accepting FASTag
  • Plaza not able to read the Tag
  • Plaza not supporting monthly pass issuance
  • Any other applicable issue for FASTag

About South India Bank FASTag

The National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) system was launched by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and the Indian Highways Management Company Ltd (IHMCL) to enable vehicles with a FASTag (RFID) to cruise through the Toll gates. South Indian Bank in association with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has partnered with the project for the issuance of FASTag for Vehicles.

FASTag uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to provide a contact-less toll collection system at all National Toll Plazas. With an active FASTag affixed on your vehicle’s windscreen, you can cruise through toll plazas without stopping for cash transactions. These FASTags can be pre-loaded with money and used to pay for your vehicle toll payments electronically. When the vehicle passes through the toll gate, the RFID reader at the toll plaza receives information about the vehicle and the toll amount is deducted automatically from the FASTag wallet, thus saving valuable time & money for the users.

FASTag is presently operational at 400+ toll plazas across national highways. The system is interoperable and the same FASTag can be used across all toll plazas under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program. Planning is underway to include more toll plazas under the ambit of FASTag.

South India Bank, in partnership with NETC, is offering FASTag to all eligible applicants. Users can approach their nearest branch of South India Bank or apply online through the South India Bank NETC Portal.

South Indian Bank FASTag FAQs:

1. How would I cross the toll plaza if the ETC equipment is not working?

In case of NETC equipment are not working, in spite of your FASTag account having sufficient balance, you can pay the toll fee in cash at the plaza and pass.

2. What will happen to my account balance if my FASTag is lost or stolen?

If you find that your FASTag has been lost or stolen, it can be blocked immediately. You have to call and report this to the bank’s customer care number. A new FASTag account will be created by collecting the Tag issuance charges and the remaining balance from the old account will be transferred to this new account.

3. Will I get any concessions given to local vehicles if I reside within 10 Km of a toll plaza?

You can take the FASTag and submit the proof of your stay within 10 Km of your toll plaza. Once verified you will get the concessions.

4. What if I relocate to another city?

FASTag is interoperable and will work on all enabled toll plazas. In case of change in city or address, you can inform the Issuer Agency/Bank.

5. Is there a separate lane for FASTag users?

Yes, FASTag users will always get a separate lane at toll plazas which will be only used by FASTag affixed vehicles.

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