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PAN is set in the form of a 10-digit unique identification alphanumeric number (containing both alphabets and numbers) assigned to Indians, mainly to those who pay tax. Permanent Account Number or PAN is a mode of identifying taxpayers across the country.

Permanent Account Number or PAN Card is a nationalized identity card. Without a PAN, you will not be able to carry out any financial transaction. It is the Indian Income Tax Department that allocates this 10-digit alphanumeric and unique account number to a tax-paying person, company or HUF. It has lifetime validity. In this article, we will explore how to apply for PAN Card.

You can apply for a new PAN or correction in the existing PAN or the reissuance of PAN Card in case of its loss or damage. Based on the residential status of the applicant, Form 49A or Form 49AA is to be filled and submitted along with a set of valid documents.

Process of PAN Card Application

PAN can be applied online. Further, requests for changes or correction in PAN data may also be made online. Here is how to apply for a PAN Card online: Online application of PAN can be made on the NSDL website OR UTIITSL website.

Both have been authorized by the government of India to issue the PAN or to make changes/corrections in the PAN on behalf of the Income Tax Department. The online process is the most hassle-free way of obtaining PAN. The applicant is only required to fill and submit the online application form along with online payment of the respective processing fee. Copies of required documents can then be sent by post to either NSDL or UTIITSL, for verification purposes.

Here are the steps to make online PAN card application:

  • Step 1: Visit the relevant website of NSDL or UTIITSL for online application for PAN Card.
  • Step 2: On the website select the option ‘New PAN’ on the home page.
  • Step 3: There is a new PAN Card Form 49A which should be selected for individuals whether they are Indian Citizens, NRE/NRI or OCI Individuals.
  • Step 4: This form should be filled with the individual’s details.
  • Step 5: The applicant would also be required to pay the processing fee online through a Demand Draft after submitting the form to initiate processing of the form.
  • Step 6: The final page which is generated after paying the fees and submitting the filled-out PAN Form 49A contains the 15-digit acknowledgement number.
  • Step 7: The acknowledgement form should be sent to the NSDL PAN office by courier within 15 days of online submission of Form 49A along with the concerned documents.
  • Step 8: After the acknowledgement form is couriered to the NSDL office, PAN no. verification is done and the Card is generated after the NSDL PAN verification. The physical PAN card is sent to the customer’s address as mentioned in the form within 15 days.

Process for Changes/corrections in PAN Card

Changes in the existing PAN such as a change in name, date of birth etc, can be applied online. The procedure is almost the same as you apply for a new PAN except in case of corrections in PAN, you also need to submit the documents to support the change required in PAN.

Steps for such changes are as mentioned below:

Step 1: Fill the online application form for making changes/corrections in PAN on the NSDL website. Online PAN application. Read instructions carefully filling the form..

Step 2: The charges for making changes in PAN is Rs. 93 (excluding GST) for Indian communication address and Rs. 864 (excluding GST) for foreign communication address. Payment of application fee can be made through credit/debit card, demand draft or net-banking. On successful payment, an acknowledgement will be displayed. Save and print this acknowledgement number.

Step 3: Once the application and payment are accepted, the applicant is required to send the supporting documents through courier/post to NSDL. Only after the receipt of the documents, PAN application would be processed by NSDL. Documents sent should support the changes applied for in PAN. Example, request for the change in applicant’s or father’s name will have to be supported with a document that will contain a proof of change of name from old to new. The documents that shall be accepted as proof in this case are:

a. For married ladies - Change of name on account of marriage – marriage certificate, marriage invitation card, a publication of ‘name-change’ in the gazette, a certificate from a gazetted officer stating name change, copy of passport showing husband’s name.

b. For individual applicants other than married ladies - Publication of ‘name-change’ in the gazette, a certificate from a gazetted officer stating name change.

c. For companies - ROC’s certificate for a name change is required. ROC stands for Registrar of Companies, and they handle administration and regulation of Companies Act, 1956.

d. For partnership firms - A copy of revised Partnership Deed

e. For other categories which are registered organizations (AOP/Trust/BOI/AJP etc.) - The revised registration/deed/agreement.

FAQs: How to apply for a PAN card online?

1. How do I get the PAN application form?

You can get the PAN application form at the PAN centre. Alternatively, you can download PAN application form 49A or 49AA online from TIN NSDL website.

2. Is a photograph compulsory for making an application for PAN?

A photograph is compulsory only in case of Individual applicants.

3. Will my PAN card number change if I make a change in my name?

No, your PAN will remain the same even if there is a change in your name as it is a Permanent Account Number.

4. How do I check the status of my PAN Card application?

You can track the status of your Pan online by visiting

5. Will the existing PAN cards issued by the Department remain valid?

All PAN allotted and PAN card issued by the Department will remain valid. All persons who have been allotted a PAN need not apply again.

6. Why is it necessary to have PAN?

You will not be able to file your ITR if you do not present your PAN. All bank accounts not linked with PAN will be deactivated soon. Also, it is necessary to furnish PAN for making cash transactions above Rs 50,000.

End Note

Applying for a PAN card has become easier for people these days as they can now apply for a fresh PAN online as well as offline. The procedure for application varies for different applicant categories but if you are an Indian citizen and wondering how you can apply for PAN card online; you can go through the above-mentioned steps.

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