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IDBI Bank Customer Care Number

IDBI Bank is a full-service bank that offers financial products and services across the sphere such loans, savings accounts, payment services and investment advice. They also provide services in the MSME category, Agriculture and NRI. With its 24x7 customer care service, IDBI Bank ensures that they are accessible at all times. There are many channels through which the customers can reach the bank and resolve their queries. This includes toll-free numbers, call-centre numbers, SMS banking and more.

IDBI Bank 24*7 Customer Care Toll-Free Number

Idbi Bank Customer Care

IDBI Bank is easily accessible through Phone Banking options.  IDBI Bank believes in offering quality services to its customers. And part of that offering is upgrading technology and customer centric processes to ensure they can connect with the customers. Phone Banking is a telephonic based banking service that gives information about your accounts and transactions, anytime. They are operational round the clock. IDBI Bank Phone Banking service can be used through the IVR system or manually through customer care representatives through the toll-free numbers.

IVR is a self- service option that allows you to carry out transactions after authorizing the use through Customer ID and Telephone Personal Identification Number (T-PIN) or Debit Card Number or ATM PIN. The customers can use this Phone Banking service in various languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Oriya, Telugu, etc.

There are many benefits of using Phone Banking service:

  • One can get access to banking information and service 24x7.
  • There is no need to visit the bank branch physically for carrying out simple transactions or availing basic services. This can be done in the comfort of your house.
  • This service helps in saving time and is offered by the bank, free of cost.

Eligibility for IDBI Bank Phone Banking Service

  • Customers of IDBI Bank who are retail individuals & Proprietorship Current Account Holders and have a valid & active debit card, ATM PIN can use this service.
  • Minors who have an account with IDBI Bank cannot use this service.
  • Joint Account Holders who do not have another primary account cannot use Phone Banking service.
  • Associations/HUF/Clubs etc. cannot use this service.
  • Private Limited Companies or any partnership accounts and corporate accounts are not eligible to use the Phone Banking service with IDBI Bank.

How to use IDBI Bank Phone Banking Service

IDBI Bank Phone Banking service offers two options – Self-Service and Manual. Once an individual calls on the Toll-Free number, he can access all account details through IVR in the Self-Service option. Many services and facilities can be used through this method without actually talking to a person. The biggest advantage of this system is the availability of banking services anytime, anywhere. In order to make the transactions secure, the customer needs to generate T-PIN (Telephone Personal Identification Number) or enter the Debit Card & ATM PIN.

In the manual method, the customer gets connected to a person on the other end who is equipped to handle queries and concerns. This is usually done after verification of the personal details of the customer so that fraudulent identities cannot access accounts.

IDBI Bank Toll- Free numbers

1800-209-4324- Contactable from most mobile & landline phones.

1800-22-1070 - Contactable from most landline & mobile phones

IDBI Bank Call Centre numbers

022- 67719100 – Chargeable number for our customers.

0091-22-67719100- Chargeable number for our customers staying abroad.

IDBI Bank Hot listing number

1800-22-6999 - Contactable from most landline phones & mobile phones.

IDBI Bank Debit Card blocking through SMS

In case you remember your Card number

SMS BLOCK Customer ID Card Number to 5676777

E.g.: SMS BLOCK 12345678 4587771234567890 to 5676777

In case you do not remember your Card number

SMS BLOCK Customer ID to 5676777

E.g.: SMS BLOCK 12345678 to 5676777

IDBI Bank Customer Care for credit card

For any queries regarding credit card, the following contact details can be used:

24 - Hour Customer Care Toll-free number: 1800 425 7600

Non-Toll-free number: 022 - 4042 6013 (Call Charges Applicable)

Email: idbicards[at]idbi[dot]co[dot]in

IDBI Bank Customer Care for NRIs

IDBI Bank has set up a special service for NRIs who want to communicate with the bank. They can email at nri[at]idbi[dot]co[dot]in.

IDBI Bank Registered Office

One can directly get in touch with IDBI Bank through its registered office:

IDBI Bank Ltd.

IDBI Tower, WTC Complex,

Cuffe Parade, Colaba, Mumbai 400005.

IDBI Bank Grievance Redressal Process

IDBI Bank encourages its customers to register any complaints or grievances through various channels in order to resolve them fairly. This can be done through:

  • Phone Banking
  • Bank branch
  • Bank Website
  • Emails
  • Letters

Level I

There are three options of filing a complaint with IDBI Bank:

  • Call Phone Banking and speak to the customer care executives
  • File Online Complaint Form
  • Write personally

A unique complaint ID is generated when a complaint is filed through any of the above methods. It is possible the progress of the complaint registered online on the official website of the bank. If there is no response within 8 working days of registering the complaint or there is no satisfactory response, the matter can be escalated to Level II.

Level II

If the complaint is not resolved in a satisfactory manner, it can be escalated to the next level. In Level II, you can contact the appointed Grievance Redressal Officers between Monday to Saturday during the working hours. The Grievance Redressal Officers are appointed for every zone and their contact details are available on the website.

Level III

If the complaint is not resolved in a satisfactory manner within 11 working days of registering the complaint, you can further escalate the matter to the Principal Nodal Officer from Monday to Saturday. A resolution to the matter should be received at this stage.

FAQs: IDBI Bank Customer Care

1. How can one hotlist debit card with IDBI Bank?

This can be done through SMS service. If you recollect your debit card number, SMS BLOCK Customer ID Card Number to 5676777 If you do not recollect the debit card number, SMS BLOCK Customer ID to 5676777

2. How can NRIs get in touch with IDBI Bank?

NRIs can email the bank at for any queries or complaints.

3. What are the customer care details for credit card holders with IDBI Bank?

For credit holders of IDBI Bank, the following contact details are helpful: 24 - Hour Customer Care Toll free number: 1800 425 7600 Non-Toll-free number: 022 - 4042 6013 (Call Charges Applicable) Email: idbicards[at]idbi[dot]co[dot]in

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