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Customers are the most important part of any business. Businesses have to keep their customers satisfied if they have to be successful in their work. That is why every business has a dedicated customer support team.

Bharatgas has set up a well-knowledgeable and well-informed customer support team to assist their customers with a plethora of issues and questions. Customers can contact them via various channels whenever they need assistance.

Important Bharatgas Customer Care Numbers

Bharatgas Customer Care Toll-free Number – 1800 22 4344

All India Numbers: 

Bharatgas SmartLine

Bharatgas emphasizes that consumers and their satisfaction is integral to the company’s activities. Consumer emphasis is one of the core principles of the brand. The company works with a mission to create and offer a range of goods and services that make life simpler for their customers. For the same goal, they have launched BPCL Customer Care SmartLine (1800 22 4344), a single window network for registering your questions, ideas, reviews and comments on any of Bharatgas products or services.

SmartLine is the all-India customer touch point across four marketing SBUs, i.e. Retail (Petrol Pump), LPG, Lubes, I&C, Aviation. SmartLine also operates as a 24x7 Emergency Helpline (Gas Leakage) to provide immediate assistance. The toll-free number serves as a direct link between customers and field staff through whom customers can communicate with BPCL at any time. The system is configured in such a way that an SMS / Email confirmation is triggered at the time of registration and successful completion of the customer interaction.

The BPCL SmartLine, 1800-22-4344, will work to establish a new level for customer satisfaction as intended. It will include a real-time measurement of the company’s quality levels across cities and across all of customer touch points. Bharat Petroleum will ensure that the company’s employees and processes will live up to the BPCL SmartLine "Ek Call Sab Solve" tag line.

1906 – Gas Leak Emergency Helpline

It is one of the most important and urgent grievances that needs immediate attention. Consumers should call Bharatgas for immediate assistance if they detect a gas leak. Such concerns ought to be answered promptly in order to prevent any disasters. Here is the process for reporting a gas leak with Bharatgas;

  • Dial the All India Helpline Number 1906 for immediate assistance for gas leaks. This number works round the clock and immediate assistance shall be provided.
  • You can also call your distributor and they will send help immediately. 
  • You can also call the BPCL Smartline at 1800-22-4344 for immediate assistance with gas leaks.

Precautions to follow if you doubt a gas leak: 

  • The most important thing is not to panic. First, switch off the pressure regulator switch.
  • Switch off all fires in the kitchen (including agarbattis and diyas)
  • Increase ventilation in the kitchen by opening all the doors and windows
  • Do not light a match or operate any electrical switches (including the key switch)
  • Contact the emergency line or the distributor immediately

Other ways to contact Bharatgas Customer Support

Aside from gas leakage, customers can experience a range of other problems and would like to submit a report to the organization regarding them. They are always welcome to provide valuable feedback to enhance every quality or service offered by the organization. Here are a few ways to stay in touch with Bharatgas Customer Service.

Via your Distributor

  • Your distributor is your first point of contact with the company. 
  • You can call them on their phone number dedicated for complaints and feedback and register your grievance.
  • You can walk in to their office premises during working hours and register your complaint with the respective authority.
  • The address and phone numbers of your nearest distributors can be found on the ebharatgas portal.

Via the Regional Head Office of Bharatgas

If you feel that your grievance has not been handled diligently by the distributor, you can contact the regional head office of Bharatgas.

Regional LPG Manager - Northern Region

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

Plot No. A-5 And A-6, Sector -1,

Udyog Marg, Noida -201301

Telephone Nos. with STD code : 0120-2474768, 2474701, 2474703

Regional LPG Manager - Southern Region

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

1, Ranganathan Garden, Off 11th Main Road,

Post Box No.1212 & 1213, 

Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600040

Telephone Nos. with STD code : 044-26216689

Regional LPG Manager - Eastern Region

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

Bharat Bhavan, Plot No- 31,

Prince Gulam Md. Shah Road,

Golf Green Kolkata - 700095

Telephone Nos. with STD code : 033-24293050/51

Regional LPG Manager - Western Region

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited,

BPCL Office Complex

Plot No 6, Sector 2

Behind CIDCO Garden

Kharghar - 410210

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Tel No - 022-27764500 Extn: 4500

Fax - 022-27764771

Registering your Complaints / Feedback Online

Consumers also have the option to register their complaints / feedback online. They can log on to the ebharatgas portal to register their grievances.

  • Visit the ebharatgas portal.
  • On the top menu bar select Contact Us and then choose ‘Talk to Us’. 
  • It will take you to a LPG Interaction Registration form. 
  • Here, you will be required to fill in details like your mobile number, LPG ID, State or district details, distributor details and LPG Consumer number.
  • You can then select the kind of interaction you want to register here. The options given are – Complaint, Query, Suggestion, Reminder, Appreciation
  • The concerned authorities will go through your registered interaction and provide appropriate resolution or response.

FAQs on Bharatgas Customer Care

1. What are the types of communications I can register on the LPG interaction registration form online?

You can submit the following types of communications - Complaint, Query, Suggestion, Reminder, Appreciation. The concerned authorities will go through your registered interaction and provide appropriate resolution or response.

2. Is there a dedicated number for gas leak complaints?

Yes, customers can call 1906, which is the dedicated line for gas leak complaints.

3. Can my distributor accept complaints and feedback?

Yes, your distributor shall serve as your first point of contact and is authorized to act on your complaints and feedback.

4. What are the other ways to contact Bharatgas customer support?

You can use the Bharatgas Smartline number at 1800 22 4344.

End Note

Having a strong customer support department is important for any organisation. Bharatgas introduced online operations way before in the 2000s to provide advanced customer support to all its consumers. It has been a pioneer in setting up customer friendly processes and services.

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