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HP Gas, one of the leading LPG suppliers, offers LPG cylinders for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. The company has a strong customer base of more than 85 million customers and has been operational for several decades. HP gas is one of the prominent names in the list of LPG suppliers across the country and has an extensive network of over 6110 distributors. HP Gas has 50 bottling plants in India with a collective capacity of 5582 TMTPA (Thousand Metric Tons Per Annum).

HP Gas provides easy booking options to the customer for a new connection and refills. The available options for the same are either through the distributor directly or through the following online options

  • Booking through the website (myhpgas[dot]in)
  • Booking through Mobile Application ‘HP Gas’ 
  • Booking through SMS service
  • Booking through IVRS facility

HP Gas New Connection Cost

The customer can apply for a single cylinder or two cylinders while applying for a new connection. Beside the cost of the cylinder, the application cost also includes the cost of a regulator. The deposit for cylinders and regulators is refundable at the time of cancellation or surrender of the connection. The cost of hot plates and Suraksha LPG Hose is in addition to the above cost.

The details of the cost of the equipment supplied at the time of new connection are mentioned below.


Refundable deposit for cylinders @ Rs. 1450 each

Rs. 2,900

Refundable deposit for cylinders @ Rs. 1150 each for North Eastern States and UTs

Rs. 2,300

Refundable deposit for regulator

Rs. 150

Refundable deposit for regulator for North Eastern States and UTs

Rs. 100

Additional Service Charges for Installation and/or Inspection of HP Gas

Apart from the above fixed charges, the customer will have to pay for the following charges that are related to the installation and inspection services offered by HP Gas.

ParticularsCost (Including GST @18%)

Mandatory Inspection of household installation along with cleaning of Hot Plates (Under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Scheme)

Rs. 59

Mandatory Inspection of household installation along with cleaning of Hot Plates (others)

Rs. 236

Administrative charges for new connection + preparation of SV at the doorstep of the consumer (Not applicable on online applications or applications through showroom)

Rs. 118

Installation and Demonstration Charges for new connection (DBC/SBC)

Rs. 118

Administrative charges for issuance of DGCC

Rs. 59

Charges for collection of equipment for preparation of Termination Voucher upon the customer’s request

Rs. 118

Charges for the visit of the HP Gas mechanic (excluding charges for leakage of Hot plate and cleaning the same if such hot plate is not purchased from the authorized HP Gas Agency and servicing of the Hot plate

Rs. 236

GST Impact on LPG Cylinder Price

With the introduction of GST, there have been many changes in the prices of the LPG cylinder. The new GST tax regime has specified that the goods and services to be taxed under five specific rates as per their nature and classification. The applicable rates under GST are 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%.

The direct impact of GST is the increase of the domestic LPG prices in the country and reduction in the prices for commercial gas. The other key points to be noted post GST introduction are mentioned below.

  • Every household is entitled to 12 LPG cylinders per year. Beyond this limit, the customers will have to purchase the LPG cylinders at non-subsidized rates i.e. at the market price. Also the customers will have to pay GST at the rate of 18% post exhausting the limit of 12 cylinders per year.
  • GST is also levied on services like gas inspection, installation, etc. at the rate of 18% over the basic charges for the same.
  • GST will be applicable across all the states of the country which implies that the states that earlier did not charge tax on LPG cylinders will also be under the purview of GST. The direct increase the price of LPG cylinders in such states is from Rs. 12 to Rs. 15.

FAQs on HP Gas New Connection Price

1. What is the GST rate applicable on LPG Cylinders?

LPG cylinders are subject to GST at the rate of 18%.

2. What is the deposit to be paid by residents of states other than the North Eastern States and UTs for two cylinders?

The residents of all the states except North Eastern States and UTs have to pay Rs. 1450 per cylinder as the refundable deposit at the time of getting a new connection.

3. What is the cost to be incurred by the customer at the time of requesting a termination voucher?

The cost of collecting the equipment from the premises of the customer (Rs. 118 including GST) is to be incurred by the customer at the time of requesting a termination voucher.

4. When is the mandatory inspection conducted by HP Gas and what are the charges?

HP Gas conducts a mandatory inspection of the domestic installation along with cleaning of the hot plates once in every five years. The cost for the same is Rs. 59 for those under the PMUY scheme (Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Scheme) and Rs. 236 for others. This cost is irrespective of the number of burners on the stoves.

5. What is DGCC?

DGCC is the Domestic Gas Customer Card issued at the time of getting a new connection.

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