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Hindustan Petroleum or HP gas as it is known among LPG consumers is one of the most popular brands that offer LPG cylinders across the country. It carries with it a history of nearly 40 years of catering to this market and has established itself as a leading brand in the market thanks to its supply of quality products and services.

Some of us may not be able to relate petroleum companies as being consumer-friendly, however, HP has always tried its best to pay maximum attention to customer satisfaction. With the hope of ensuring that customers get access to the products on offer, HP Gas prides itself of a pan-India delivery and customer care network, to ensure that all emergency needs of consumers are met.

How to register a HP Gas complaint?

Customers who want to register a complaint can follow the below mentioned procedure which is simple and hassle-free:

  • Visit the HP gas official portal for registering HP Gas related complaints.
  • Go to the section that says “Give Feedback”.
  • Customers need to fill in certain basic information for allowing the company to take the necessary steps in resolving the issue reported. Customers must also provide their consumer number, the state and district of residence, and lastly the gas distributor details. In the absence of this information, customers can enter the LPG ID as an alternative to continue with the complaint registration.
  • Next, customers must provide certain personal details such as name, email address, and primary phone number.
  • Customers then need to select the type of complaint they wish to register. This can be done by selecting from the available options.
  • The complaint must be elaborated once the complaint type is selected. This can include few details regarding the particular issue for which resolution is required.
  • The customer then has to click on the “Confirm” option after verifying the information provided until this step.
  • After confirmation, the company receives the complaint and starts taking necessary actions to resolve the same.

Complaint Management System at HP Gas

HP Gas is one of the biggest distributors of Liquified Petroleum Gas in the nation. Therefore, it is valid that some customers may face inconvenience at some point during their association with the brand. HP Gas has a Complaint Management System which is handled by officials who work dedicatedly to resolve issues. The Complaint Management System has also set up a website for handling complaints more effectively and ensuring maximum consumer satisfaction. Customers can register their complaints such as overcharging, delivery issues, etc.

Complaint Registration via Phone Number

  • Use the HP Gas toll-free helpline number 1800-2333-555 for registering a complaint.
  • HP Gas has also set up a 24-hour helpline number that is dedicated to HP Gas complaints. Customers can use the numbers 1906 for registering their complaints at any time.

Types of Complaints

Customers can face any kind of issue at any time while using HP gas. This is why the HP gas website allows one to register a range of complaints. The various categories under which one can register an online complaint are as mentioned below:

  • Issues in accessing the official HP gas website
  • Complaints related to delays in delivery of LPG cylinders
  • Complaints related to delays or denial in booking LPG cylinders
  • Complains surrounding delivery boys who may have demanded extra money
  • Complaints regarding RC/NC/DBC
  • Rude/uncouth behaviour by delivery boys
  • Complains related to non-delivery of cylinders booked through IVRS
  • Distributor asking for extra charges in delivering cylinders
  • Distributor asking extra money for a refill of cylinder
  • Distributor denying delivery of cylinder to the address of the consumer
  • Underweight cylinders being delivered by Agency 
  • Cylinders filled with water being delivered wrongfully by Agency
  • The agency not acting on previously registered complaints
  • The agency not responding to emergency complaints of a gas leak
  • Agency/delivery boys not ready to deliver non-subsidized cylinders
  • Agency asking extra amount for fresh connections
  • The agency not providing a rebate on deliveries to locations other than the home address
  • Loss of LPG equipment
  • Complains about Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana

In addition to the above-mentioned list, one can register any other complaints relating to HP Gas connection.

Tracking Complaints Relating to HP Gas

  • In some cases, a consumer complaint may not be resolved immediately by HP Gas.
  • HP Gas allows the customer to track his or her complaint and status relating to the same. This ensures that consumers are part of the tracking process and can monitor the progress of complaint resolution.
  • The customer is given a Service Request Number once the complaint is registered. This number can be used to track the complaint status.
  • Customers can track HP Gas Complaint by using the Service Request Number along with registered email id.
  • The portal displays the latest status of the registered complaint after the necessary details are entered by consumers.

Customer Complaint Escalation

  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) has set up a Public Grievance Redressal system which allows customers to register grievances relating to HP products or services.
  • The Public Grievance Redressal platform is open for hearing complaints every week on Fridays. The timings are 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm and this facility is available at all the key offices of HP.
  • The Public Grievance Officers handle all the complaints and ensure timely resolution.
  • Customers can submit their complaints online under the Public Grievance Redressal System.

Public Grievance Officer

  • The Public Grievance Redressal Officer can be located by logging on to the official website of HP Gas.
  • Customers must fill details like state and district of residence.
  • Once the required details are entered, customers can click on submit. After this, the details of the distributor can be seen including the name of the officer, address, contact number, e-mail address, etc.

FAQs on HP Gas Complaint

1. How do I register a complaint if my HP gas cylinder is leaking?

You may reach out to the 24-hour helpline number 1906 in case you are experiencing a gas leakage.

2. What if my queries relating to HP Gas go unanswered for a long time?

HP Gas offers good quality customer service via various options such as toll-free number, 24-7 helpline, distributor’s offices, etc. However, if your query goes unanswered you may reach out to the redressal unit, the details of which are provided above.

3. How do I track the progress of my complaint regarding HP Gas?

When you register a complaint, you will be given a complaint number which can be used for tracking the status online or via IVR.

4. Can I report behaviour related issues at HP Gas complaint centre?

Yes. You may report any rude or bad behaviour faced from the delivery agents or distributors at HP gas helpline.

5. Can I personally register a complaint if I am not comfortable with the online option?

You can register a complaint online and offline. For offline, you can either opt for registering complaints via helpline numbers provided or by visiting your distributor’s office.

End Note

HP Gas complaint mechanism is exhaustive, in that, it covers all channels for consumers to easily reach out to the concerned department. Consumer complaints are dealt with utmost efficiency due to the presence of this mechanism. As a last resort, the company has also set up a redressal system which ensures appropriate escalation and addressing of issues.

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