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A brand of IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Limited), Indane Gas is one of the leading suppliers of LPG cylinders across the country. In India, LPG is not only used for domestic purposes but also for various industrial and commercial purposes. Indane Gas offers a wide range of LPG cylinders to suit the needs of different customers. LPG cylinders from Indane Gas are available in different sizes depending upon the location and usage type. The various LPG cylinder sizes offered by Indane are:

  • Compact 5 kg sizes for rural, hilly and inaccessible areas
  • 14.2 kg size for domestic use
  • 19 kg and 47.5 kg size for commercial and industrial use

Indane Gas customers can easily book a new LPG connection or apply for a refill at the nearest distributor or via online modes. The various options of booking a new connection or a refill using the online options are:

  • Booking through website
  • Booking through mobile application
  • Booking through SMS
  • Booking through IVRS

Indane Gas customers can also request a transfer of their connection in the event of relocation of the customer. Such transfer can be effected either within the city or outside. The details for transferring an Indane Gas connection are discussed in detail in this article.

Transfer Process for Indane Gas Connection

Indane Gas provides customers with the option to transfer their existing LPG connection in case of relocation. This way the customers do not have to go through the hassles of applying for a fresh connection at their new place of residence and the company also retains their customers. This facility of transfer of connection is provided in case of relocation within the same area, same city/town or otherwise. Let’s take a look at the various steps involved in the transfer process.

  • Transfer within the same area

In case of relocation in the same area or locality where the distributor operates, the process of transfer is fairly simple. The customer can seek the transfer of connection by simply contacting the distributor and submitting a request for change of address. The customer has to provide the relevant documents like address proof for the new address. Once the documents are verified, the connection is transferred to your new home.

  • Transfer within the same city but separate distributor

This is another case of transfer of connection but with a different distributor. In case the customer has to relocate to a separate area within the city, the customer will first have to surrender the original Subscription Voucher(SV) to the existing distributor. The customer will then receive the Transfer Termination Voucher (TTV) from the distributor. This document has to be submitted to the distributor of the new location or residence of the customer.

After this, the customer will also have to provide the Domestic Gas Customer Card (DGCC) to the distributor of the new location. This DGCC will then be updated by the new distributor with the revised details of the customer and then issue the gas connection at the new residence of the customer.

  • Transfer outside the city or town

Another case of transfer is the transfer to a new city or town. In such a case, the customer is required to surrender the equipment(two cylinders and regulator) along with the Subscription Voucher(SV) to the distributor.

After this the customer will need to provide the address proof for the new residence and the DGCC to proceed with the transfer formalities. Indane Gas requires the customer to provide a separate application for a new connection at the new residence with the nearest local distributor available or preferred by the customer.

There are other ways of transfer of connection other than transfer due to relocation of the customer. These scenarios are discussed below.

  • Transfer to a member of the family

A person can transfer the connection of Indane Gas to any member of the family. Family members for this purpose include father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister. Indane Gas requires the submission of a valid identity proof as well as an address proof for the same.

The transferee will have to submit the original SV(Subscription Voucher) as well. In case the SBV is not available, an affidavit will have to be submitted instead along with the declaration for such transfer by the SV holder. After this, Indane Gas will verify the documents submitted and the transfer of the connection will be effected upon satisfaction of the same.

  • Transfer on account of death of the connection holder

Indane Gas also facilitates transfer of connection in the event of death of the original customer. In such cases, the connection is transferred to the legal heir of the original customer. The legal heir will have to provide the following document to facilitate and authenticate the request for such transfers.

  • KYC documents (Proof of Address and Proof of Identity) of the legal heir/ next of kin
  • Death Certificate of the original Customer or Holder of the connection
  • A declaration for the legal heir stating the transfer request
  • Transfer to a person who is not family to the transferor or original customer

In such cases, the transfer can be affected by submitting all the necessary KYC documents like Identity proof, address proof etc. of both the transferor and the transferee. The transferor of the connection along with the transferee has to sign a declaration for such transfer to authenticate it or validate it.

  • Transfer of connection without the consent of the transferor

A declaration  or consent of the transferor is essential for effecting the transfer of connection. However, in case it is not possible to get a consent or declaration from the transferor, the transferee can submit a valid declaration for the same and proceed with such transfer. The transferee will also have to provide identity proof and address proof for validating or authenticating such transfer.

  • Regularization of LPG Connection

If a person holds the connection without a valid SV, such person will have to regularize the said LPG connection by submitting the relevant KYC forms along with the identity proof and the address proof of the applicant.

FAQs on Indane Gas Connection Transfer

1. Can a person transfer the connection if SV(Subscription Voucher) is not available?

Yes. Although SV is an essential document, the customer can apply for a transfer of connection by submitting an affidavit in case the SV is not available.

2. What is the toll free number of Indane Gas?

The toll free number of Indane Gas is 1800 2333 555 and the emergency LPG helpline number is 1906.

3. What are the most essential KYC documents needed for any transfer application?

The most essential KYC documents needed for any transfer application are identity proof and address proof.

4. Can a customer select the preferred distributor?

The customer can choose a different distributor if he/she is not happy with the current one by logging in to the website and locating a different distributor in their area. Such facility is available only in case of multiple distributors in an area and in select cities only.

5. What are the types of forms available for transfer of connection?

The different types of forms available for transfer application are mentioned below.

  • Type A: Transfer of subscriber to a family member
  • Type B: Transfer outside family
  • Type C: Transfer without consent letter from Transferor
  • Type D: Transfer to next of kin in case of death of Subscriber
  • Type E: Regularization of connection (LPG equipment held without possessing SV)

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