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Overview Bharatgas New Connection

Bharatgas is a product of Bharat Petroleum, one of India's three state-owned oil firms. In India, they work in the production and distribution of petroleum products. Bharatgas supplies LPG connections to over 42 million homes and has offered a slew of innovative products and customer-centric services.

Since the launch of in 2000, consumers have been able to access a variety of useful services while still being able to book Bharatgas 'Online.' The website also allowed customers to voice their ideas and communicate directly with the company.

Cost of Getting a New Bharatgas Connection

Domestic consumers can either opt for a 14.2 KG cylinder or a 5 KG cylinder (for domestic use only). The cost of a new connection and other related services are given below:

Sr. No.


Amount (Rs incl. GST)



Security Deposit for 14.2 Kg Cylinder ( for all States except North Eastern states)
Security Deposit for 14.2 Kg Cylinder ( for Seven North Eastern States)



Security Deposit for 5 Kg Cylinder



Security Deposit for 19 Kg Cylinder



Security Deposit for LOT Valve



Security Deposit for 19 Kg Cylinder with LOT Valve



Security Deposit for 47.5 Kg Cylinder



Security Deposit for 47.5 Kg Cylinder with LOT Valve



Security Deposit for Pressure Regulator (for all States except North Eastern states)
Security Deposit for Pressure Regulator (for Seven North Eastern States)



Mechanic visit charges(other than leakage) for:
Inspection of hotplate at the time of release of connection if hotplate is not purchased from the distributor
Mandatory inspection of domestic installation to be done after cleaning the hotplate
Servicing of hotplate


For leakage complaints if found correct



Suraksha LPG hose

1.5 Mtr : 190.00
1.2 Mtr : 170.00


Visit & Administrative charges for release of New connection and preparation of SV at doorstep of customer (excl. statutory charges levied by State, if any)

Note: Not applicable for online connections with digital payments and connections released from Showroom



Installation & Demonstration charges for new connection (with SBC or DBC) / Installation charges for DBC



Collection of Equipment from customer premises for preparation of Termination Voucher on request of the customer



Administrative charges for issuance of DGCC including the cost of DGCC



The stamp duty applicable only in the state of Maharashtra per Subscription Voucher



The stamp duty applicable only in the state of Gujarat per Subscription Voucher


Why should you get your gas connection from Bharatgas company?

  • More than 42 million homes in both urban and rural areas use it at the moment.
  • Over 6,042 distributors are part of the network, with 3,992 national rural distributors.
  • Bharatgas distributors can book cylinders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by SMS, IVRS, smartphone devices, and the internet.
  • A few FMCG and home appliances are also available at cheap rates at your nearest Bharatgas distributor.
  • Bharat Metal Cutting Gas is a cost-effective cutting and brazing fuel that is used in 50 modern bottle filling factories around the country.

What is the application process to get a new Bharatgas connection?

  • To apply for a new connection, one can go to their local Bharatgas dealer, fill out the required form, and present the required document proofs.
  • The issue of a new connection does not have a set turnaround time. Connections will be made based on the sincerity of the requirement, as determined by corporate requirements, and subject to equipment and stock availability.
  • You can now book a new connection via the internet as well.

Step By Step Process To Apply For A New Bharat Gas Connection Online

  • Select the ‘Register for LPG Connection' option on the ebharatgas portal.
  • To see the list of distributors in your area, go to the page and choose your state and district.
  • You can choose the distributor that is closest to your home and then click ‘Next.'
  • You'll be sent to a registration form where you can fill in your name, address, and other information.
  • Then you must upload scanned copies of the Identity Proof and Address Proof documents that correspond to the information you provided on the registration form.
  • When your application for the release of the LPG connection has been accepted, you can choose to complete the process by paying electronically.
  • If you don't have scanned copies of your supporting documents, you can apply online and send photocopies of them together with a printed copy of your online submission to the distributor.

Bharatgas New Connection – Documents Required

Identity Proof and Address Proof are the two most important documents to submit when applying for a new gas connection. A few passport-size pictures will also be required. Here are the docs that are being accepted for a new connection:

Address Proof 

  • Ration card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passport
  • Driver's Licence
  • House Registration Document
  • Recent Utility Bills (Electricity/Telephone/Water Bill)
  • Bank passbook

Identity Proof

  • Aadhaar card
  • Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Government Issued Photo ID

Bharatgas New Connection FAQs

1. Can I apply for a Bharatgas connection with 2 cylinders? If so, what would be the total amount I need to pay?

Yes, you can apply for a connection with 2 cylinders. Along with the security deposit of Rs. 1450, you need to pay an additional Rs.1450 for the additional cylinder. Administration and documentation charges will be as per the dealer.

2. How long does it take to issue a new connection?

There is no fixed turnaround time for the issue of a new connection. Connections will be issued based on stock availability and genuineness of the application.

3. The distributor is asking me to buy a hotplate or gas stove while applying for a new connection. Is it compulsory?

There is no requirement that a customer purchases a gas stove or any other equipment from a dealer when obtaining a new connection. You have the option of refusing to purchase the gas stove or any other item offered by the distributor.

4. How many days should I wait before booking a refill?

There is no need to wait to book a refill. Refills will be delivered according to the booking queue and refill cylinder availability.

5. The regulator issued by the distributor is damaged. What should I do?

Switch off the regulator immediately and call the distributor. They will send a technician to see what is wrong and you can get a replacement regulator from them.

6. Is it better to use the Suraksha hose instead of the normal pipe?

The Suraksha hose has been designed to bear the normal wear and tear in the kitchen. It is also created to prevent rat bites. So it is a better and safer option compared to the normal pipe.

7. Can I transfer my Bharatgas connection to another distributor?

Yes, if you have shifted to a new location, or are unhappy with the current distributor, you can shift to another distributor. You can do so by giving a written request.

8. Is address proof a must to get a new Bharatgas connection?

Yes, address proof and ID proofs are the two most important documents required to get a new Bharatgas connection.

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