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Indane Gas is the brand of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) that supplies LPG for household and commercial purposes. Indane Gas is a hugely popular LPG brand that supplies gas cylinders throughout the country. It has a wide network of distributors that cater to its huge customer base. Indane Gas has LPG cylinders ranging from 5kg to 47.5kg.

The lower capacity cylinders of 5 kg are usually suitable for hilly areas, rural areas and other areas that are not accessible easily. The cylinder weighing 14.2 kg is most commonly used for household cooking needs. The other cylinders of higher capacity like 19 kg and 47.5 kg are best suited for commercial and industrial purposes.

How to apply for a new Indane Gas connection or refill?

Customers can easily get a new connection for Indane Gas or can request for a refill by visiting the local distributor or by using any of the online modes available to them.

Customers can locate their nearest distributor by using the website of Indane Gas or contacting the customer care team. Upon contacting the distributor, the customer can submit a duly filled application form along with the requisite documents. The distributor will verify the documents and then approve the connection.

There are many ways of getting a new connection online. The customer can also request a refill of the cylinder or perform many other functions like updating the user information, lodging a complaint, applying for a second connection, etc.

The various online modes are discussed below.

Via the Website

Indane Gas facilitates customers with easy connection of new cylinder or refill requests. The online facility for new connection of Indane Gas can be obtained through ‘Sahaj’ (e-SV). The customers are issued the e-SV which is an electronic subscription voucher. It has all the details like the number of cylinders booked by the consumer, pressure regulators held by the consumer, etc. The voucher also has the details of the security deposit paid by him/her. e-SV is sent to the consumer via email to his/her registered email id upon the release of online LPG connection.


Another way of booking a new connection or refill is through an SMS. Customers can send a SMS in the following format to the IVRS number applicable as per the city and the state. The customer will have to first register for the service and can then get periodic refills.

SMS IOC STD Code + Distributor’s Telephone Number Consumer Number . The SMS to be sent for refill is SMS IOC . It is to be sent from the same mobile number using which the booking was made earlier.


Customers can call the IVRS facility of Indane Gas to book a new connection or request a refill. The IVRS facility of Indane Gas is available in three languages to better assist the customers.

Via Mobile Application

The mobile application of Indane Gas is ‘IndianOil One’. This application can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Customers can register on this application for a new connection and submit an application with required documents and authenticate the same via an OTP received on the registered mobile number. booking a refill cylinder is also possible via the mobile app.

Documents Required for a New Indane Gas Connection

The documents required to be submitted by the customers for a new connection are part of some of the basic KYC documents. These documents have to be submitted in case of physical application process or online application process to complete the application. The list of documents is mentioned below.

  • Identity Proof of the applicant (Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter’s ID, Passport)
  • Address Proof of the applicant (Passport, Lease/ Rent Agreement, House Registration Document, Flat possession letter, Recent utility bills)
  • Bank Statement/ Credit card Statement
  • LIC Policy

Indane Gas Tariff Rates

Indane Gas provides LPG gas at subsidized rates and non-subsidized rates as well. The current or latest rates for LPG gas applicable from 1st August 2020 are tabled below.

LocationNon-Subsidized Prices of LPG 14.2 kg cylinderPrices of LPG 19kg Cylinder













Transfer Process for Indane Gas Connections

Indane Gas provides customers with the benefit of transfer of their existing connection in the event of relocation. This facility is provided in case of relocation within the same area, same city/town or otherwise. The details for the same are provided here.

Transferring within the same area

In case the customer has relocated in the same area or locality where the distributor operates, the customer can transfer the connection easily by simply contacting the distributor and submitting a request for change of address and the relevant documents for the same.

Transferring within the same city but shifting to a separate distributor

In case the customer has to relocate to a separate area within the city, the customer will first have to surrender the original Subscription Voucher (SV) to the existing distributor. The distributor will provide the customer with a Transfer Termination Voucher which will have to be submitted to the distributor of the new location or residence of the customer.

The customers will also have to provide the Domestic Gas Customer Card (DGCC) to the distributor of the new location. The new distributor will then update the revised details of the customer into the DGCC and issue the gas connection at the new residence of the customer.

Transferring outside your city or town

In case of transfer to a new city or town, the customer will have to surrender the equipment along with the Subscription Voucher. The customer will also have to provide the address proof of the new residence and the DGCC. The customer will have to provide a separate application for a new connection at the new residence.

FAQs on Indane Gas

1. What is the Indane Gas customer care number?

Indane Gas customer care number is 1800 2333 555 and the emergency LPG helpline number is 1906.

2. What are the additional products that are supplied by Indane Gas?

The additional products supplied by Indane Gas are hot plates of many reputed brands and Suraksha LPG Hose.

3. What are the uses of LPG provided by Indane Gas?

The LPG provided by Indane Gas can be used for domestic, commercial and Industrial purposes.

4. What are the documents needed for a new connection of Indane Gas?

The documents needed for a new connection of Indane Gas are basic KYC documents to validate the identity and address of the applicant. The applicant also needs to provide a recent photograph and Bank Statement or credit card statement.

5. What is the e-SV?

E-SV is the electronic subscription voucher that has all the details like the number of cylinders booked by the consumer, pressure regulators held by the consumer, etc. and the details of the security deposit paid by him/her.

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