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Modern India has many fuel options that customers can use for commercial and residential purposes. When compared with traditional fuel sources, modern fuels are not only less polluting but are also efficient. The top modern fuel options include LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), PNG (Piped Natural Gas), CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). India has many private sector and public sector suppliers for supplying domestic cooking fuel to the million households of the nation. One of the prominent names among them is Bharatgas.

Bharatgas is the LPG provider or supplier and is the brand offered by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). BPCL is a public sector company dealing in oil and gas and is owned by the Union government. Bharatgas provides LPG in urban and rural areas across the country. It has a huge network of more than 6000 distributors and a majority of which (more than 4000) cater exclusively to the rural areas.

Documents required for a New Bharat gas Connection

The documents required to be submitted for a new connection of Bharatgas are mentioned below. These documents have to be submitted in case of both the online application and the offline application.

Proof of Identity

Proof of Address

Recent Passport Size Photograph

Modes of Application for Bharatgas Connection and Refill

Bharatgas offers easy and convenient modes for LPG connection. Customers can directly contact the distributors or the agency to apply for a new connection after submitting the completed application form along with the required documents. The other method of application is using the online modes available to make an online application or request a refill. Customers can choose any of the following methods to make an online application for a new connection or book a refill for a new cylinder.

Application via the website

  • The application can be submitted directly through the website of Bharat gas by first registering as a new user and then logging into the account.
  • The customer will have to select the distributor according to their location and then submit the application giving the basic details like the name, address, mobile number, etc.
  • Once the application is processed, the gas connection will be approved upon verification and the consumer will get the delivery of the LPG cylinder.

Application via IVRS

In this case, the customer can call the helpline number of Bharatgas to request or book a refill of the cylinder. The customers can call on the numbers 7715012345 / 7718012345 which are available 24x7 throughout the year and can be accessible across the country.

Application via SMS

Another easier way to book a refill for the cylinder is through an SMS. The customer will have to first register his/her mobile number with the distributor following which the customer will simply have to send ‘LPG’ from the registered mobile number to any of the following numbers namely, 7715012345 / 7718012345. The customer will receive the confirmation for the refill request via an SMS along with a reference number that can be used to track the cylinder. The customer will also receive the details of the cash memo generated like the cash memo number and the amount to be paid which will have to be paid at the time of delivery or can be paid online using the reference number. The customer will also get the confirmation of delivery after it is successfully executed.

Mobile Application

Bharatgas also has a mobile application available for android phones as well as iphones. The customer can simply search the ‘Bharatgas’ application on Google play store or Apple Store. The customer will have to register their mobile number on this application along with the details like the distributor id and other relevant details. This application can be used to book a new connection, request a refill, rate the distributor, locate the distributor, make payment, lodge a complaint, etc.

Bharatgas Latest Products and Prices

Bharatgas is a very popular brand that is engaged in providing fuel to the consumers across the country for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. The company provides LPG and propane in bulk and packed cylinders that can meet the requirements of various industries or malls automobiles, etc. apart from that the company also provides certain value-added services like energy audit, customer advisory services, e-banking, consultancy and technical services, fuel management systems, etc. to the organizations as and when needed.

The prices for its fuel products across various sectors or purposes are mentioned below.


Domestic Fuel

(LPG : 14.2kg)

Commercial Fuel (LPG : 19kg)

Industrial Fuel (LSHF-HSD : liter)























(Updated on)





Transfer of Connection under Bharatgas

Bharat gas facilitates easy transfer of connection to its customers in the event of relocation. The customer is advised to apply for transfer of connection to the new distributor in his/her new location at least 7 days before moving to a new place. This transfer facility is available even if the customer is moving to a new locality or district or city or state.

The customer will have to provide a basic document like rent or lease agreement or sale deed or even a latest utility bill in the name of the customer to authenticate the validity of transfer of connection request.

The process for transfer of connection is detailed below.

  • The customer will first have to get in touch with the distributor and make a transfer application by writing the same on a plain paper as well as have to provide the original subscription voucher.
  • The distributor will verify the documents and process the transfer request.
  • The customer can also access the website of Bharatgas for transfer requests.

FAQs on Bharatgas

1. What is the name of the parent company of Bharatgas?

The parent company of Bharatgas is Bharat Petroleum Corporation limited.

2. What is the full form of LPG?

the full form of LPG is Liquid Petroleum Gas.

3. What are the value added services that are provided by Bharatgas in addition to the supply of fuel?

The value added services provided by Bharatgas in addition to the supply of fuel are

  • Energy audit
  • Customer advisory services
  • E-banking
  • Consultancy and technical services
  • Fuel management systems, etc.

4. What are the contact details of Bharatgas?

Customers can connect for any query related to Bharatgas on the SmartLine number 1800 22 4344 or 1906.

5. What are the purposes for which Bharatgas provides fuel to the customers?

Bharatgas provides fuel supply across the country for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.

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